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Revenge of the Downtrodden

In the dorms, they all seem tired and generally pleased with the evening. Finally, Andrea broaches the subject of who should go home, and suggests that Danny should go home for not being great at the pass. Danny defends his cooking ability and tells Andrea that she was just nitpicking when she worked the pass. Andrea claims that it's just that she has very high standards. So Andrea thinks Danny should go home and Danny thinks Andrea should go home. Paula says, "Well, I guess that leaves it down to me." No it doesn't. It comes down to Gordon Ramsay's whim. He might send Scott home. You don't know! He's just that crazy!

Down in the dining room, Andrea says that her decision is Danny for not being loud enough. Danny says Andrea because of her performance throughout the competition. Paula? Paula picks Andrea, who has struggled and was also overconfident at the pass. Gordon: "My decision is... Paula. You belong." That was pointless. Andrea, why should you stay? "Never once did I falter at the pass." Danny? "You know that I have what it takes to run the restaurant at the Borgata." After a pause, Andrea is sent home, although Chef Ramsay praises her as a determined fighter.

So it's down to Paula and Danny, which I think pretty much everyone would agree with, right? They've been the obvious top two for weeks. They appear to be surprised by something offscreen, which I expect is giant banners of their facs unfurling.

Next week: the chefs make their own restaurants, Danny wants fish mounted on walls, there are some domes that I bet have heads under them, and a bunch of contestants all come back.

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