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Sorry, Corey

Ramsay lets mushy greetings ensue, then formally welcomes the families. As he gets to work, we learn the sneaky twist tagged onto his uncharacteristic generosity -- the contestants will have to recreate the dish after their families leave. This could be a problem for blubbering Petrozza, who admits that "the food was secondary" to seeing his loved ones. Same for Corey. Only Christina is onto Ramsay's subterfuge. Consequently, she spends most of the meal probing her family about which ingredients are in the dish, with little success.

Ramsay closes the meal, the families exit, and Ramsay springs the challenge on the final three. In short, Corey's screwed. Ramsay allots 45 minutes and gives no other guidelines or hints. The chefs have only their wits...and need I even make the joke? They can barely make risotto...and they know what goes in that!

So the contestants start down the path to inevitable failure and embarrassment, noticing -- as if for the first time -- that, "Wow, there's a lot of different kinds of food in this refrigerator!" Christina chooses venison striploin for her protein, while Corey and Petrozza opt for filet of buffalo...until Petrozza changes his mind and goes with the venison. For the other ingredients, they all choose pancetta, onion, carrots, cabbage, and parsley. Christina adds a white bean puree, but doubts herself when she can't find white beans. The high-drama ends when she eventually finds them. Whew! Corey concocts a potato parsnip puree, but Petrozza leaves out the puree entirely. This omission even gets a "tsk-tsking" tone from Narrator Man. Oh, snap! To top it off, all three make a red wine reduction, and Corey semi-confidently adds in some raspberry framboise.

Ramsay ends the challenge, calling the contestants to rattle off their ingredients as he does the taste test. Petrozza gets basically no response. Ramsay issues Corey a quizzical look for her raspberry framboise. He gives Christina a similar dubious tip of the head for putting aioli in her puree, then explains to her that it was unnecessary. He calls out Petrozza for his lack of puree, then congratulates Corey for rightly risking the framboise. She also put cream in, which chafes at Christina, whose mother suggested that ingredient during their meal. Finally, the protein. Venison, indeed. Hasta la vista, Corey! So will it be Petrozza's shameless lack of puree or Christina's misguided aioli integration? Commercials.

And now for the results of Hell's Kitchen's "most difficult challenge yet." The winner is...Christina for a twofer. Petrozza beats himself up for forgetting the puree. Luckily, he can take out his frustrations during this week's punishment, which has him and Corey hand-crushing blocks of ice. Christina, on the other hand, will enjoy a progressive dinner date-slash-sightseeing tour with dreamboat Ramsay.

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