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Christina runs upstairs to change into some of her new duds from Lisa Kline. She regrets that her family won't be there to share the reward with her when, lo and behold! They're waiting with Ramsay at the tour bus! And today our Tour Guide will be Shana, who ushers clan Christina through L.A.'s top tourist haunts. Afterward, they enjoy their first course at Grace, replete with sincere congratulations from Ramsay.

Meanwhile, it's snowing in Hell's Kitchen, as Corey and P-Nasty chip ice blocks. Petrozza puts on a caveman shtick that is funny and lighthearted, while Corey heaves death curses on Jen. Okay, can Corey go now? Ice isn't the only thing she's crushing now (hint: my spirit). In short, this is a painful and difficult punishment for all involved.

On the outside, the winners stop for their second course at AOC, where they eat politically incorrect foie gras. Christina's dad and Ramsay give her the sage advice to win-win-WIN! (In case she hadn't already thought of it.) Elsewhere, we see what happens to losers -- they have to polish water glasses! God forbid! Then it's back to double dates-ville as Christina says farewell to her parents. They don't show dessert. I suspect it involved sexual chocolate all over Ramsay's man pecs. When and if Christina wins, bear that image in mind.

After the foie gras and chocolovin', it's back to the grind for Christina. Just one more team dinner service stands between the threesome and the finals. Corey interview-poo-poos Christina's win, asserting that it won't help her win since Christina doesn't have the full package. Petrozza emphasizes that there is no second place in Hell's Kitchen, and Christina vows to give this service her all. And then it's Ramsay Pep Talk time. He reiterates the prize spiel, then says there's one more thing he needs from the chefs to help him make his decision. But we won't know what that is until after the commercials.

Sun sets on California as Ramsay gears the contestants up for dinner. And what exactly is that "one more thing" Ramsay needs to decide the final two? It's the aforementioned "Contestant as Ramsay" drill where they take turns on the hot plate while he hurls screw-ups and curses at them. Hot. Ramsay says this will test whether the chefs can actually run a kitchen.

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