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Sorry, Corey

So, now that service is going smoothly, let's muck it up by putting Petrozza on the hot plate! He fares well for several dishes, but then comes the test. It's the dreaded pea-less risotto! Ramsay rushes him along, all the better to disorient him, then asks for approval. To Petrozza's discredit, he okays the risotto. Petrozza laments that he wasn't expecting this trickery. Back in the kitchen, he half-heartedly sends the risotto back to Scott, and Ramsay tells P-Nasty to wake up.

Spurred by this first mistake, Petrozza hones in on Christina at the fish station, at which point she starts burning things. Ramsay looks on worriedly as Petrozza continues to be the politest taskmaster on the planet. Christina tries to redeem herself for burning the fish by handing over...wait for it...raw fish. Now she's on both Ramsay's and Petrozza's shit lists. Ramsay tries to snap her out of it by yelling and threats, but -- surprise, surprise -- that only serves to fluster her more. Her fate hangs in the balance as we head to commercials.

We return, an hour into a service halted by Christina's string of blunders. Petrozza worries that Christina's screw-ups will make him look bad, too. Christina magnifies her mistakes by forgetting prawns with her John Dory (boy did I ever think I'd be writing that sentence...). Ramsay, who is himself sabotaging his contestants, accuses Christina of sabotage. She VOs that it would be silly to hamper Petrozza by looking like an ass herself -- cut to a shot of her dropping a pan on the floor. At this point, she admits that she has practically bought a ticket on the express train to elimination.

Petrozza merits a "well done" for his time on the hot plate, and concluding that he did well. Corey takes over the sinking ship and immediately flubs the first order by not noticing that a ticket had six appetizers but only five entrees. She, too, gets a "Wake up!" from Ramsay. What she lacks in math skills, though, she makes up for in haggery, when she randomly starts yelling at the other chefs because they don't give her a hearty "Yes, Chef!"

Corey sends out a few entrees, and it's time for Operation: Cream Corey, courtesy of Sous Chef Scott. He sends the wrong sauce out with the Wellington, which Corey notices only after pouring it. A grimacing Ramsay gives no second chances, and Corey is shipped back to her station immediately after the sauce snafu. Corey worries that her pour leadership skills will sink her if she doesn't perform perfectly in the rest of service.

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