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Back to business -- Ramsay delivers the good news first. Petrozza will face off against one of the ladies in the finale. But who will it be? Christina pleads her case first, saying she shows promise, despite her meager experience. Corey counters that she is strong, persistent, and hard-working. Ramsay ponders, and we flash back on both chefs' best and worst moments. Ramsay comes to his decision...and it's Christina. Guess that post-sightseeing human fondue paid off after all.

As Corey leaves, Christina promises to pick her for her team in the finale. Ramsay gives her a lovely send-off, praising her talent and ambition. After that, however, we flash to a shot of Christina trying to overturn her "dumb blonde" image by taking off her clothes while Louross leers, then stabbing her friends in the back during eliminations, and finally setting things (including but not limited to her own hand) on fire. As she walks toward the light, Corey remembers that glorious Wellington and affirms that there are other opportunities out there for her and her sailor mouth.

Ramsay congratulates Petrozza and Christina for besting 13 other competitors. He reminds them that an Executive Chef position is at stake, but surprises them that first they have one more test. Huge screens drop down featuring some sort of startling slideshow, but we'll have to wait until next week to see it with our own eyes.

Next week: The stunning conclusion of the battle between an old dog and a new trick! Before they go head-to-head, Petrozza and Christina get frank over rosé bubbly. Christina doubts her design acumen when her restaurant is butt-ugly. Petrozza goes Asian with his menu. Six eliminated contestants return to eff things up some more. Ramsay continues to doubt his finalists. And a lot of this takes place at the original Gordon Ramsay London restaurant...in NYC!

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