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the pan, which is apparently unacceptable. Everyone's waiting on Tennille, who is not doing well. Chef Ramsay gathers everyone around so he can shout a bit about the fish: "They're not even seared PROP-LEE!" Then he tells them to [bleep] off. Now we're supposed to be shocked that some people are having to wait for their food. I'm just saying, it's not that big a change from the norm.

Now some halibut is raw. This generates more shouting from Chef Ramsay about passion. They try to regroup, but Tennille is panicking and won't answer Dave and Ariel's desperate questions about how long she will be. She tells Dave two minutes, then she tells Chef Ramsay six minutes. Ramsay notices that, because he notices everything, and he pulls Tennille into the Shouting Pantry for a private conference.

Okay, I would like to take a moment to complain about the postproduction people on this show. Hello, postproduction people! I know you're just trying to make the show more exciting, but it can be kind of distracting when you do things like dub in bone-breaking noises every time Dave's wrist makes him wince. Or, in this case, when you make the whole screen shake because Gordon Ramsay slammed a door. Knock it off, please. Thank you!

Right. Where were we? Oh, yes: Gordon Ramsay yells at Tennille for not talking to her team. She insists she's not giving up and protests (in an interview) that she's a fighter. She sounds kind of despairing here. Her new sea bass and halibut is praised as perfect. The blockade is cleared and several entrees leave the kitchen. Suddenly we're at the last table, and it goes fine. We're done!

Tennille is worried because she had a bad service. Dave is worried because his wrist is getting in the way of his awesomeness. After the service, Chef Ramsay tells Dave he's deeply concerned that Dave might not be able to continue. Dave, of course, insists that he feels fine. Fine, dammit, fine! He begs for Chef Ramsay to only take him out of the competition if he thinks Dave isn't a good enough chef. There's your passion, Gordon. He tells Tennille she had a bad service and jumps right past the nomination phase. Which makes sense, because Tennille's the only one who had a noticeably bad service.

So Tennille is sent home.

Whoa! That's really early in the episode! I mean, it was obviously going to be her, but there are still twelve minutes to go. Anyway, he tells her that she fought back well, that she's an amazing competitor with a massive heart and that she's still young. It's a good pep talk for someone going home. She collects high-fives from everyone (including Gordon) and off she goes.

Longish recap of Tennille's experience at Hell's Kitchen.

The three remaining chefs are sent off to get some sleep. Dave is relieved. Ariel prescribes beers for everyone in the final three. But just then! The phone rings and Dave knocks it down. Then he answers it. It's Chef Ramsay! Everyone, get downstairs right now! The chefs are more shocked than I am, because I was just talking about how there's more episode left than there usually is.

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