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Autumn interviews about how great she is at teaching. In real time, we see her airily tell her bachelor to "watch the fish" while she goes back to the pantry. He does, but he doesn't know what he's watching for. Benjamin's guy has a lot of questions about where monkfish comes from and what pancetta is, and Benjamin handles them all pretty well. Although "Should I have washed my hands?" comes pretty close to getting him to yell at the guy, I think. Autumn's guy does some poor slicing. And we're done!

Tasting time. Autumn and some guy named Neil come up. Gordon dares Neil to describe the dish and ingredients, and he's quickly reduced to saying things like "small pea-looking things." The vegetables taste good, but there's not much monkfish there. Jay and Rick have very good presentation. Rick accurately describes the dish, presumably because he saw Neil have to do the same thing. Gordon nitpicks a little, saying that it could have maybe a little less vinegar in the salad.

Benjamin and Steve don't do as well with the dish description, plus their peppers are raw and pancetta is overdone. At Gordon's prompting, Steve says that Ben didn't teach him very well. Ben is, of course, cranky about this. Holli and Chris come up. Chris dries up on the description, so he says it's "monkfish... made with love." Then when Gordon savors the food, Chris says, "Take your time." He's sassy, that one. All the chefs panic a little at the idea of someone giving Gordon Ramsay the business. I think what happened is that Holli's flirtation relaxed Chris to where he felt comfortable joking around a little.

The winners are Jay and Rick, who are pleased. The bachelors each get a copy of Gordon's latest book and are told to [bleep] off. The losers will be fixing various tables and chairs that have started to fall apart around the dining room as well as changing light bulbs, sweeping up the parking lot, and prepping for the night's service. Meanwhile, Jay get's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to... do something. Before finding out, he chooses Holli. Which is fair, since she probably came second and also brought him along on her reward last episode. Autumn and Ben are given goofy overalls, and Jay starts panicking about whether he's offended Ben by not bringing him. In an interview, Ben doesn't seem that broken up about it. Although he does imply that Holli will be having sex with Jay.

Holli and Jay go off on their mystery tour. And they arrive at the Goodyear Blimp! Oh, man. My girlfriend is going to freak out when she sees this. She loves airships. And off they go! Meanwhile, Benjamin is whining about how much he hates Autumn. I guess he hates the punishment, too, but he's specifically complaining about Autumn. Meanwhile: the blimp ride continues! They do arrange one shot where the blimp can be seen in the background of a Hell's Kitchen exterior shot. JP, Autumn, and Benjamin watch it go past and read the LED message scrolling past on the side: "Losers, hope you're enjoying your punishment." That's pretty cute, actually. Benjamin speculates on whether they're joining the Mile High club, but admits that it probably isn't that high up. Good reward, boring punishment.

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