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Sunbathing Her Bits and Bobs

Last episode, I used this spot at the top of the recap to complain about how the top four aren't all that inspiring. So here they are again! On the plus side, two of them will be going away at the end of the episode.

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 5, which might be a new low
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 18, also awfully low
Episodes left after this one: 1

Holli is very affected by getting to hold her kid, and she tries to get some common ground with Benjamin about the way they've both got cute kids. Not much happens, though. The next morning, we get yet another shot of Autumn in her underwear because Sous Chef ... Andi? Is that the female one this season? Let's say it is. Sous Chef Andi called the dorms and told everyone to dress up because Gordon had something special. When they all appear in the dining room, Gordon mocks Jay for being dressed like a slob. he's not just dressed like a slob; I think he really is a slob.

Gordon explains that he can't take them to the Savoy Grill right now, since the hotel is undergoing renovation. So instead, he sits them down and feeds them food while talking about how great the Savoy is. And then he tells them they've got 45 minutes to recreate the dish. None of them look surprised, because they're not entirely dim.

Autumn is convinced that it's venison. So is Holli (spelled "Holly" in the captions) and Ben, although Jay is cooking three different meats and will decide which one is closest when he's done. As for the puree, everyone but Jay is doing apple while he's doing pear. Everyone but Autumn does pancetta while Autumn does bacon. Holli sneers about this while admitting that she was keeping an eye on everyone else. Jay reports that he's doing beef, not venison. He recognizes that he could look like an asshole if he's wrong. "Asshole" is mysteriously unbleeped.

Autumn is mysteriously confident. She says she was thinking "I can win this! I can win this!" the whole time.

Chef Ramsay tastes the dishes. He tells everyone that the food was cooked correctly. Jay was the only one who used pear, and he was correct. And his decision to use flank steak instead of venison was... wrong. Bzzzt! So none of our top four chefs got the dish entirely correct. The top two were Benjamin and Holli, which practically brings Autumn to tears. Chef Ramsay declares Holli and Ben very close, but eventually settles on Holli as the winner based on Ben's slightly watery sauce. Ben, of course, tells us that he should have won because he's the best cook.

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