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Before service, Jay, Autumn and Holli tell Sous Chef Scott that apparently it's just the three of them. Ben interviews that he has to tell Chef Ramsay that he can't reach things or bend over. As he says this on the voice-over, we see him getting ready and putting on his chef's jacket. And, importantly, bending over to get something. The editors put in a magical-sounding chime as he does this.

From the kitchen, everyone sees Ben go up the stairs to Gordon's office. Benjamin tells him that he pulled his back out and can't compete. Gordon tells him that it's the finals and he believes in him and so on. "The ball's in your court," he tells him. So Benjamin goes down to the kitchen and announces that he's going to cook tonight. Holli is ticked off that he blew off prep and now he's okay to cook. Autumn is excited about beating him face-to-face, although she should remember that she's done that several times and it's made no dent in his smug sense of superiority.

Tonight's gimmick is that each of them will be running the kitchen for some of the time. I love that gimmick, because it's when the sous chefs sabotage them. Okay, let's go!

Things go all right at first, and then it's time for Jay to run the pass. He calls out the ticket clearly and loudly. His communication skills are strong. Benjamin is doing a lot of ducking and bending over, which ticks Jay off. Sous Chef Scott substitutes lobster for the crab, and Jay catches it on a tasting. Then Scott sabotages another dish, and Jay gleefully calls him on it. Benjamin thinks that Jay does really well (he does!) and that he, Ben, is awesome (he's not!).

Holli's turn on the pass. She stalls a little on calling out the first ticket, and Chef Ramsay is in her ear rushing her. JP brings her a six-top with only five entrees and she doesn't catch it. Chef Ramsay is all over her for this. And when she falls behind a little, she's just calling out "How long?" and not getting a response. Jay doesn't help by accidentally spilling a risotto all over Chef Ramsay. Well, that's why they wear aprons, right?

Sous Chef Scott brings up some scallops for Holli that she realizes are cooked on one side only. Staying in character, Scott claims, "I thought we only cooked them on one side." Really, dude? Seven seasons of sous-cheffing and that's what you thought? He's not even trying to be convincing.

Ben's turn! He shows no pain at all as he calls out the dishes. His first sabotage goes uncaught, since he doesn't realize that Scott slipped him venison in the lamb wellington. And he recognizes that some beef is rare, but doesn't realize that it's New York Strip, not filet. He thinks he did great, of course.

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