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Then Elise brings up some spinach garnish that has raw pasta in it for some reason. Will spots it, and Elise asks him if he wants her to make it again. He manages to use much less sarcasm in his response to her than I would have. He tells us he thinks Elise is a "shitty female" who will stab you in the back when she gets a chance. It's hard to argue with that when she merely re-plates the same raw-pasta spinach and also puts black pepper in the potatoes for some reason. He asks if she's deliberately trying to fuck him. She bickers right back and Will seems momentarily lost. I mean, how DO you solve a problem like Elise? She has standards that she only applies to the food other people serve her, but when those standards are applied to her own food, she gets hostile.

Anyway, the fighting stops and the cooking resumes, but when he starts calling orders out again, no one answers at first. "He needs to learn some motivational techniques, because he's got zero," Elise tells us. Ramsay quietly tells him up at the pass that his spotting and quality control is brilliant, but his team's working against him.

They get through it and finish up the service. Afterwards, there are still diners there (I haven't noticed this before. Aren't they usually gone by the time Ramsay debriefs them?) and Ramsay calls it tough night with ups and downs. He tells them all to go back to the dorm and think carefully about why they deserve a place in the final.

Back in the dorms, wacky music plays while Tommy badgers the other guys over whether they think he did a good job tonight or not. Paul's not worried about Tommy, but he's worried about Elise because she did a good job tonight. Will even goes to talk to Elise to tell her that she's a good chef, which she takes as a sign that he's scared.

The chefs reassemble in the dining room, where Ramsay tells them he's been doing a lot of thinking. It's a melodramatic intro for Ramsay as he says he's come to know one of them and understands them, but they're just not ready to manage BLT Steak. Without waiting to see what he says, after the commercial break, I'm just going to go ahead and say it's Tommy. Not hard to predict that one.

Sure enough, he tells Tommy to take off his jacket. "Love the energy. So keep going. You belong in the kitchen," Ramsay tells him. Tommy seems OK with it, surrenders the jacket, and leaves to applause. We watch the Tommy montage. I like people so much more after I know they've already been eliminated! Then, in leaving, Tommy calls himself a "culinary juggernaut" so I'm back to finding him irritating.

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