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A Farewell to Loudmouths

We see Danny over at Chef Ramsay's dish a lot, tasting it over and over again to try to get his dish to taste exactly the same. That seems like a good strategy. Andrea looks at everyone else's choices because she lacks self-confidence. Everyone serve!

Andrea's stew is "actually quite nice." Ben's has "nice flavor, yes?" Paula's is "delicious. Nice and light." Danny is "nice. Rustic, in terms of flavor."

The correct fish was red snapper, which only Danny had right. The liquor was Pernod, which is a point for Ben. Sea Scallops were correct, so Andrea is definitely out. Ben is told that he used too much saffron, making his stew bright yellow and not good enough. So it's down to Danny and Paula. Paula's does look a bit more like the original dish, if you ask me. And I'm going to assume that you are asking me. Too bad I don't know which tastes better. After a lot of deliberation, Chef Ramsay picks Danny for using fish stock, not water. So Chef Ramsay and Danny will be "embarking on an amazing little adventure," according to Ramsay. Chef Ramsay asks Danny if he's scared of heights and hands him some enormous goggles, which Danny wears upside down in an interview.

The other three chefs will be polishing the crystal and cutlery and washing the carpet before doing all the prep for the night's dinner service. Andrea interviews in a disgusted fashion as though she thought that going on a show like this would involve no dopey scutwork at all. Jean-Philippe welcomes the chefs to what he claims is his world and they start cleaning.

Chef Ramsay greets in the parking lot and gets into the limo with Danny. Danny tells us that out of the kitchen, Chef Ramsay is a lot of fun to be around. They blather about success until they get to an airport and a bright yellow biplane. Danny says it's "Sweet", and Gordon describes it as "[bleep] me" and "Holy [bleep]". See, he still swears just as much when he's out of the kitchen, but at least he's not shouting in your face when he does it. It looks like a lot of fun, although it's a little weird that Gordon and Danny don't do it at the same time.

Back in the kitchen, Andrea is bummed. She interviews that she misses her family and life and so on. And her hair hurts. There's a lot of complaining. Up in the air, Danny is delighted that his pilot will loop the loop for him. And in a powerdive, the smoke from the plane appears to create the Hell's Kitchen Trident in the air. It's magic! It really does look cool, and I believe I'd like to do it.

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