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A Farewell to Loudmouths

In the kitchen, Ben suggests that they set up each of the stations and then continue with the prep. Andrea: "I have a better plan. We don't we all just rebel and go home?" No one's sure what to say to that. Ben thinks Andrea will be next to go home, and I have to say I can see his point. Andrea is pounding on a bag of ice with a pot, but sometimes you have to do that to break the ice up. It doesn't mean she's automatically psychotic, you know?

Danny returns to the kitchen still wearing his snazzy goggles (over his backwards baseball cap, but you can't have everything), a white scarf, and a Hell's Kitchen flight jacket. Nice! And the other chefs actually seem sincere in their congratulations.

Prep is almost done and Danny smugs a bit in an interview about not being in any danger of going home. Chef Ramsay gathers the chefs in the kitchen and claims to have had a thought. Andrea: "Here we go again! Here we [bleep] go again!" No kidding. Anyway, Chef Ramsay sends all the chefs back to the dorms because there's something he wants them to see. This turns out to be some Gordon Ramsay-branded pans. Hooray?

Back in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay claims he's wiping the slate clean. Danny interviews that he personally liked his slate. Too late. Service!

People order stuff. Chef Ramsay emphasizes that he wants loud communication. Chef Ramsay's "Two spaghetti, two scallops" is answered by Ben's "Absolutely, two spaghetti, and a soup." Ramsay makes sure he knows what's up. Paula's scallops are perfect. Ben's risotto is very nice. Andrea marvels at how it's a team effort, which I believe is how it's supposed to be every night in a kitchen. There's a shot of a customer for no other reason than to justify the hours the cameraman spent staring at her cleavage.

Chef Ramsay makes himself clear: "Look at me. One minute from now, drop two spaghettis." That's relatively clear, right? The head chef knows what he's doing, so wait sixty seconds and then drop the spaghetti. Well, that's not how Ben rolls. He puts the spaghetti right into the water. He explains that the water wasn't yet boiling, so this will work out fine. I'm not so sure that it will. Chef Ramsay yells at him a bit and then comments to sous chef Scott that Ben cooking ahead like that is "always a sign of a chef panicking." Interesting! And probably true!

Appetizers seem to be going well. Chef Ramsay calls out the entrees, and Andrea (on meat) is a little slow to respond. Her beef wellingtons are... cooked perfectly. A little scare there for Andrea.

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