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A Farewell to Loudmouths

Ben explains in an interview how things are working: "Some people, you squeeze, they fold. Some people, you squeeze, they produce. Chef Ramsay, he's kicked a tire and lit the fire with me." Wait, I guess that doesn't explain anything at all, does it? It's just nonsense. Oh well. Anyway, Ben's got a bland risotto, which angers Chef Ramsay. Bland!

We see two types of fish in one pan, which I think is frowned upon. Let's find out! Chef Ramsay calls out a fish order and Paula asks for another minute and a half because she missed a John Dory. Chef Ramsay wants her to cook faster. Nothing is said about the two types of fish in one pan, so I guess it doesn't matter. Now I'm sorry I mentioned it.

A special order comes in! Ben is to make a mixed salad with a plain vinaigrette for a vegetarian. He wants to know if it should have tuna on it. No, it should not. In fact, those croutons he's put in are also not appropriate, I guess. I'm just guessing from the number of times that Chef Ramsay shouts "Plain salad!" while an inch from Ben's face.

"Exclusive" Extra Helping. Chef Ramsay declines to answer "boxers or briefs", but is willing to tell us what five ingredients everyone should have in their kitchen. The answer: pasta, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, and olive oil. I am dismissive of shallots.

Ben interviews that Chef Ramsay spends a lot of time shouting at him, and the only reason he can come up with is that Chef Ramsay must see a lot of potential in him. Yeah, that must be it. It couldn't be that you constantly screw up. We see Ramsay check with Scott to make sure that "plain salad" doesn't mean something different in America.

Oh, lord. A customer takes Jean-Philippe aside and explains that he wants to propose to his girlfriend tonight, which naturally delights JP. The customer wants to give JP the ring, which will be brought back with the dessert. Chef Ramsay tries on the ring, which is kind of funny. Then he sets it aside.

Danny is a little slow with some garnish. Andrea has some beef wellingtons timed right with Ben's sauce, and they're beautifully cooked. Ben interviews that Andrea has done some good meat, but he still thinks she should go home. Chef Ramsay calls out a long string of appetizers, ending with "drop the spaghetti now." Instead, Ben drinks some water. Chef Ramsay bemoans his fate, which seems like a little much for some spaghetti that will be a minute late.

Andrea has some beef wellingtons that are too dark on the outside. She tries scraping off the burnt part, but finally has to come clean: "Chef, I [bleep] these wellingtons up. I don't know what to do here." Chef Ramsay decides they're not quite black, and positions them so you can't really tell.

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