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Holli seared an ahi tuna in bacon grease. And there's parsnips and kumquats in there. No one's sure what to do with it. The judges decide that the flavors are good, and her average price is quite high: $29.66. Holli wins! She's pretty pleased with herself, which I think is understandable.

The losers' punishment is to do the laundry. And Holli's reward is to go to a luxury hotel and hang out at a poolside cabana with JP. Then she gets a thousand dollar shopping spree at a kitchen supply store, which sounds awesome. Twist! She gets to bring one person with her. And she picks Jay, who you might remember from all the sexytalk last episode.

Punishment time. Autumn talks, which enrages Ben and Jason. They don't like her. In the limo, Holli claims that she picked Jay because he was second. They have banter:

Jay: "It was a good dish."
Holli: "So was yours."
Jay: "No, that's what I was talking about."
Holli: "Can we turn around so I can pick someone else?"

Ah, classic japery! Anyway, they get to the peninsula and have classy food. JP makes fun of them for knowing each other so well. There's champagne and more banter, which I don't have it in me to transcribe. Back at the punishment, the losers get to eat Spam sandwiches. They say "Spam" a lot. Bloody Vikings.

Jason complains a lot about Autumn talking. I would like to register a complaint about Jason's complaints. I don't care about any of this. Just cook some food, okay? And in other "Things I don't care about" news, Jay gets Holli to buy him a wooden paddle and a drink dispenser. As soon as they get back, they hit the hot tub. There's some crotch-grinding, then Autumn shows up and spoils the party.

The next day, people do prep. Jay complains about how slow Jason is. But I thought Autumn was the worst at prep!

Chef Ramsay comes out to tell everybody about the night's gimmick. They'll all be rotating stations whenever he tells them to. Also, Holli's tuna-kumquat thing is on the menu, but surely they knew that during the prep, right?

The first table suffers from a couple of undercooked scallops from Jason. This prompts Jay to sneer about how Jason is a "homestyle barbecue cook." Jason's replacement scallops are fine. Another table gets called and then... SWITCH! Everyone rotates, and that means everyone has to tell everyone else what's already cooking. Jason inherits some beef wellingtons from Holli and discovers that there's no way they've been cooking for 18 minutes the way she said. He doesn't announce this right away and gets yelled at. But everyone gets back on track.

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