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Ben, on fish, messes up the special tuna dish. It's supposed to be seared on the outside and raw in the middle, but he cooked it almost all the way through. Bad Benjamin! But it's probably pretty quick to fix that, right? SWITCH! This does seem to force people to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, it doesn't let anyone get into a groove, so Jay's got some John Dory that's too dark, due to the use of butter or something. Jay's excuse is that the fish station was a mess when he walked into it. That doesn't explain why he doesn't answer Jason's repeated question about how long the John Dory will be. He eventually gets the fish out to the pass, and it's time for another SWITCH!

Jay starts to shut down, and the fact that he tends to shut out Autumn's voice doesn't help. Now she's on fish and he's on beef, so they need to work together. Some Wellingtons come back for being well-done instead of medium rare, and he tells Holli (on garnish) that the next wellingtons will be in 14 minutes. Then he immediately brings up the refires, making her look like a dummy who isn't ready with the garnish. Luckily for Holli, Chef Ramsay has been paying attention and accuses Jay of doing that to make himself look good. SWITCH!

Autumn lands on Jay's meat station and isn't sure what temperature anything's supposed to be. So she just assumes the wellingtons were cooked correctly and brings them up as medium rare. And that turns out to have been the correct option! Holli, on fish, has some good scallops. But Ben's also on her station, for some reason, and makes the next batch of scallops. And they get rejected. SWITCH!

Food appears to be going out to customers, and some of it comes back. A six-top's fish comes back overcooked. It's Jason's fault, apparently, and the table doesn't want replacements. They'll just eat the garnish. Ouch! The next table is two tuna (from Jason) and two beef (from Ben). Ben falls behind and doesn't talk to anyone about when he's going up. He does get the food up to the pass, though.

Chef Ramsay takes a break, leaving Sous Chef Scott in charge. Ben, as the voiceover puts it, "unwisely decides this would be a good time to become a leader." So Ben sneaks a look at the next few tickets and calls them out himself. Scott doesn't like that. At all. His rant ends with "And don't EVER come up to my pass again and try to take my [bleep] place!" Scott is a pretty clear communicator. Then we have a commercial and watch that whole thing again, including the voiceover. But this time, it's totally worth watching twice. I've watched it three times and it's great. Ben's final statement: "That sucked." Yeah, I bet it did.

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