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Holli and Jason are ready with the final entrees and decide to wait until Ben is ready with the garnish. And then he's ready and everything goes up at the same time. Riveting.

Post-service ranting. Chef Ramsay wants to know why they didn't get better. Jason suggests that switching stations was tough. Chef Ramsay asks if that means it was too hard for him, which Jason quickly denies. So who was it too hard for? Well, he has to finger Benjamin and Jay. Chef Ramsay gets back on his script and says that he saw five line cooks tonight. Well, that's what you're telling them to do, right? Anyway, everyone has to go pick two for elimination.

Jay is ticked off that Jason called him out. "Call me out because I didn't talk enough?" Well, yes. Gordon Ramsay wants people who talk a lot. You clammed up. Now it's Ben's turn to whine about how he doesn't think it's fair to be called out for sucking, and Jason does not back down. Both Ben and Jay do that thing where they look into the air and smirk because they think that by annoying Jason they've somehow defended themselves. Ben nominates Autumn again, of course. Autumn blames Jay for any problems she had, because she had to follow him the whole night and the stations were always in disarray. Jay is willing to go up, but takes a moment to tell Autumn that he can't believe she's here and Jason that he's good at doing what he's told. Holli tells us that she wishes Autumn had [bleep]ed up, because then she'd have an excuse to nominate her.

Okay, nomination time. Holli nominates Ben for having "a few bad services lately" and (pause for musical sting long enough that even Gordon gets impatient, then commercials, then a recap of Holli nominating Ben, then more music, then Gordon gets impatient again) Jason because "no one believes he could actually run a restaurant."

Jason and Ben, forward! Jason, why is your team not confident? "It has nothing to do with culinary. I think it's personal!" Benjamin, why can't you cook, talk, and listen at the same time? "I need to just cook." Ben thinks he did a good service, which Gordon finds hard to believe. "The person who is leaving Hell's Kitchen is... Jason." Then everyone stands still to see if we're doing another swerve where the grammar gets tortured, but no. Jason's out.

I'm pretty sick of Ben, Jay and Autumn, so I guess I'm rooting for Holli at this point.

Next week: Gordon Ramsay does something he's never done in Hell's Kitchen before, which is something he says about every third episode. Also: Showmance!

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