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Fortunately their next attempt is more successful (but now the poor women barely have enough time to eat their appetizers before the entrees are out).

After the dining room is cleared, Ramsay tells them how bitterly disappointed he is (and surprised) that the night went so poorly, and was on the verge of being an embarrassment. He sends them off to the dorms to nominate one person for elimination. Christina's disappointed in herself, enough that she seems practically ready to nominate herself. Clemenza thinks Barbie should go, as does Dana. Justin's torn, because he's tired of mopping up after Clemenza.

When the voting starts, Barbie and Clemenza vote for each other and then start arguing with each other to the extent that you kinda wish they BOTH could go home, especially since Clemenza seems to have forgotten that he was independently screwing up long before he helped Barbie suck at risotto. Justin says a lot of the anti-Barbie criticism is just petty stuff, while Clemenza's a full-on disaster.

Back in the dining room, Ramsay gets a few more digs in on how much they sucked, and he probably would have given them the gears a little bit more had he known that they weren't going to come up with a final nomination. With Dana looking to knock off Barbie, I guess that means either Justin or Christina voted for Clemenza and the other one couldn't decide? Whatever happened, Ramsay, as you may imagine, isn't happy. He asks if anyone has a "pair of [bleep]" to tell the truth.

Dana tells Ramsay they couldn't decide between Clemenza or Barbie, so Ramsay makes them both step forward to say why they should get to stay.

Barbie says she hasn't lost her passion, and she stayed in despite Ramsay showing her the door. Ramsay sneers that she's got no inspiration or leadership qualities, and nothing was correct in her station. He says, despite her claims to the contrary, that she's given up.

As for Clemenza, Ramsay reminds him that this is his seventh time up for elimination, and since they've only had fourteen services, that's a pretty dismal record. Cleemenza says he's done some good, but acknowledges tonight was an embarrassment. But he never quits.

And then Clemenza and Barbie go after each other, and then plead their cases to Ramsay again, and then, after what seems like an eternity, Ramsay picks Clemenza, which doesn't seem a big shock after we're reminded of his fifty per cent nomination rate.

Clemenza strolls out during the hall of shame, saying he's a little embarrassed for getting kicked out on Italian night, although you could argue he's lucky to have made it that far.

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