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Now That's a Crappy Meatball!

The final four trudge back to the dorms, where they find champagne on ice waiting for them, and a note from Ramsay, some bullshit about the best being yet to come. And after they toast each other, someone crosses in front of the camera, and everyone reacts like there's a murderer at loose in the dorms. That seems, sadly, slightly implausible, but we'll find out next week who Ramsay threw back in. I bet it turns out to be a meaningless stunt that winds up having no actual impact on the competition!

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Arrivederci, Clemenza. Don't let the moozadell hit you on your way out the door. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]gmail.com.

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