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All Elise Is Saying Is Give Elise a Chance

Much grumbling ensues among the glass polishers, broken up by Paul sauntering through the kitchen wearing a pink shirt, which causes much merriment among guys who are much too old to still be finding humor in gay panic. And then Will teases Jennifer some more, and Elise is outraged because she doesn't think the other two losers are as sufficiently outraged as she is. Also, Tommy brags about how hot he is, so he's not surprised Paul picked him. You know, I rarely hope for fatal helicopter accidents while I'm watching television, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case. Come on! Let's make it Hell's Kitchen: Blackhawk Down! I think everyone could get behind that! Well, maybe not Paul's and Tommy's famili-- no, everyone could get behind that.

Anyway, the three amigos take what is admittedly a breathtaking ride -- Tommy appears white-knuckled the entire time -- over the water and the L.A. skyline, culminating in a rooftop landing and a champagne toast. No fatalities thus far, which doesn't seem right, karmically speaking.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, Elise is shirking scaling duty, using the tried and true copout "I'm no good at it." Will seems frustrated by it, whereas Jennifer says she's used to Elise pulling this non-cooperative bullshit during punishments. For her part, Elise says she don't need to be smelling like fish, which decorum requires I leave alone.

Over to the Water Grill, Paul and Tommy grill with executive chef Amanda, and Paul pops a boner over how hot she is, despite the fact we don't hear her swear allegiance to New York-based sports teams. He is either very awkward at flirting, or the editing is really making it appear like he is (and the jarring record-scratch and cricket sound effects really are overkill). Paul's much cockier in an interview, telling us he has a place for Amanda to sit, and all I can say is thank GOD he only said his lap.

What was I saying about Paul being polite to Jennifer? That goes out the window when he and Tommy come back and Paul stands in the kitchen talking about how "smokin' hot" Amanda is. Jennifer looks unhappy, but the sad part is it looks like her crush isn't going away any time soon.

And before we know it, Hell's Kitchen is open for business, and Tito Jackson is in the house! Definitely my favorite Tito, after Puente. It's the first time one kitchen will be responsible for the dinner service. Jennifer figures it's time for her to step up and lead, but then she clams up on the appetizer station. Like even TOMMY is yelling at her to communicate more. He's caught off-guard when she runs some risotto up to the pass, so he scrambles to finish the accompanying capellini before Ramsay kills him. But when he takes it up, it's raw. "Start again, all of you!" Ramsay yells.

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