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All Elise Is Saying Is Give Elise a Chance

When Ramsay spits that no one cares tonight, we're treated to utter silence from the appetizer station. "There's your fight back," he sneers. Jennifer brings up risotto, and then Ramsay angrily brings it back, ordering everyone to taste it. Jennifer almost has a heart attack, but he's just fucking with 'em, because that is how risotto is SUPPOSED to taste, he tells them.

Still, Jennifer is having a tough time handling her shit, and her distrust (admittedly justified) of Elise isn't helping things. They bicker back and forth about Elise's scallops, which aren't ready when Jennifer needs them to go with her risotto, and by the time Elise's scallops are done, Jennifer's risotto is burned. Their sniping causes both and Tommy to scream at them about not fighting, and Will has to be the calm voice of reason, but he seems to blame Jennifer for wrecking the risotto.

They get it right -- with better communication -- on their second try. But disaster strikes when Ramsay decides to start pushing out entrees while there are still some tables getting appetizers. Elise dries out the two salmon dishes needed for a table, and then blames everyone else but her for the fact that she doesn't know how to cook Paul's dish. And despite Paul's and Ramsay's repeated entreaties for her to cook the salmon on its skin, she keeps flipping it over. Ramsay breaks his own rule about not sending out half a table's order, figuring good salmon is coming right along, but the minutes go by and next thing we know, half the order went out fourteen minutes ago and Ramsay is sarcastically applauding Elise for saying she'll cook it skin side down.

The diners are getting antsy. One guy actually references the fact they're down to the final five, which you'd think would mean they'd have their food by now. Fortunately for Elise, the next order has no fish. Ramsay suggests she sit down and put her lip gloss on. Paul and Will send out a perfect six-top of meat. Their competence is contrasted with Beavis and Butthead, aka Jennifer and Tommy, who keep messing up the appetizers. More undercooked capellini. And despite her staggering lack of success thus far with the fish, Elise is ignoring all of Tommy's suggestions, including such common-knowledge ones as searing on high heat, not medium. Her main reason for ignoring him appears to be that she doesn't want it to seem like it's Tommy to the rescue, so she doesn't even appear to recognize her own deficiency when her salmon sticks to the pan -- after she dismissed Tommy's suggestion to use a non-stick pan.

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