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All Elise Is Saying Is Give Elise a Chance

Anyway, an exasperated Ramsay says the next salmon (remember, this is still the order due to a table that already had its other meat go out) better be perfect, or he's shutting everything down. Paul laments that Elise can't work on a team: "She's drowning and she smacks the hand that's trying to save her."

So Elise delivers the salmon. Ramsay brings it back. You can tell it's not a fakeout when he orders everyone to stick their fingers in it. That's how they'll know it's raw. You know what that means! Fuck off on out of there, guys. There's very little protest from the chefs as they stomp out. Ramsay gets to work in the kitchen with his sous-chefs, and then sends Andi to go fetch Will and Paul to bring them back in. You can only imagine the elation the two of them must feel. On the patio, Tommy feels slighted for not being asked back as well, apparently forgetting his uninspiring work on appetizers. "It's my fault," bemoans Jennifer. Elise stares at her. I presume she's confused because she doesn't know what "It's my fault" means, having never considered uttering the phrase herself.

"Redemption! Spelled P-A-U-L!" crows Paul, and the rest of the service goes smoothly. And in what can only be a happy ending, Tito Jackson gets his food.

After everything's wrapped up, Ramsay reminds the assembled chefs that last night, with the same five chefs, was the best service they'd had, but this was not at all the same team. He tells them to fuck off and leave him alone. Four of the five turn to go, but Tommy stays behind, demanding to know why he didn't come back in. Ramsay angrily tells him to fuck off, or he'll stick Tommy's head in the oven and talk to him through the burner. I'd recap that for free! "Do it!" challenges Tommy, and we go to commercial, like we're going to see anything other than more Ramsay swearing when we get back.

Actually, back from commercial, we don't get even that. "Please don't rub any more salt in the wound," says Ramsay, and Tommy skulks out of the kitchen.

In the dorm, the chefs quickly agree that Jennifer and Elise should be sent up for elimination. Elise herself even agrees, but it seems to be mainly because she's not worried about her chances against Jennifer. Still, she then asks to talk to Will privately. "Oh, here we go," mutters Jennifer.

Elise pulls Will aside to tell ask him for a favor: to defend her to the end, since she's a better chef than Jennifer and deserves better than fifth place. She promises to have his back in return. Will tells us in an interview that he's going to tell it like he sees it, but his nodding and fist-bumping with Elise conveys a slightly less honest approach. And then Elise pulls Paul aside to ask him the same thing, even throwing in to Paul that she knows he's a better chef than she is.

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