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All Elise Is Saying Is Give Elise a Chance

Back in the group, Jennifer knows exactly what Elise is up to. Too bad she doesn't respond with anything more than mimicking Elise. "After all she's put us through, Will and Paul are smart enough not to fall for Elise's shit," Jennifer tells us.

So: back to the kitchen, where Jennifer and Elise are indeed put on the chopping block. Ramsay orders them to step forward. Ramsay tells Jennifer that it was her worst performance, so why should she stay? Jennifer talks about her cooking and her organization while acknowledging her lack of communication. Ramsay wants to know how she'll command a team if she can't talk to the person right next to her.

As for Elise, she says SHE should stay because she's "just getting started" and a good communicator in the kitchen, raising Tommy's eyebrows. Then she argues with Jennifer about whether she argued with anyone tonight. Ramsay interrupts the endless bickering to talk about the big problem he has. "I have a chef who can't shut the fuck up, and a chef who can't talk."

So he asks Paul who the weakest chef is. Paul groans. He hems and haws, and Jennifer and Elise turn to look at him. When we come back from commercial, Will puts his hand up to say that solely based on cooking, he thinks Elise is a stronger cook than Jennifer. "Are you fucking serious?" asks a surprised Jennifer. With Will having already spoken up, Ramsay asks Paul if he has balls enough to give an answer, and Paul likewise says Elise. "You are fucking kidding me," says Jennifer, and Paul protests he's just being honest. "You better HOPE I fucking go home," she snaps at him, which is something I'm sure he agrees with. Crush officially over! And then apparently Ramsay asks Tommy if he has a penis, and Tommy grabs his crotch. He says Elise is the weaker cook. "Finally, someone who's fucking honest," says Jennifer.

Jennifer says they're all scared of Elise, but there's not much left for Ramsay to do but bring the axe down on her. Elise runs back to the group and gives Will a hug.

"The heart is amazing. The palate is extraordinary. I just don't think you're ready to run a team. You're a lady, and you don't like fighting," says Ramsay, whereupon Jennifer turns around to basically call everyone out, since she's got a better palate and is a better cook than Elise. "You didn't show it in the challenge!" taunts Elise. Except ... she DID do better in the challenge than Elise, who truly has a spectacularly selective memory. Will and Paul are all "be cool!" to Elise, and Jennifer surrenders her jacket. "Keep your head up, Jennifer!" calls out Elise as Jennifer walks out. In response, Jennifer says "Fuck you" and flips her the bird without even looking over her shoulder. "I guess she don't like me no more," says Paul.

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