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The next morning, we learn how many people go through the Borgata every day. And there are stores and restaurants. Robert accurately describes the effect as "like a fine-dining food court". There's a Wolfgang Puck place and a Bobby Flay place. You get the idea. Finally, Mr. Facenda shows them the area that has been allotted for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. It's a big, empty space. The contestants are impressed. We all continue to pretend that one of them will be in charge of it. Robert's plan is for a bar with a pink Cadillac coming out of the wall. Everyone wanders around and acts impressed. Ben talks to the space.

The tour of the complex continues. Robert is so impressed with the place, he claims to have momentarily forgotten he was in New Jersey. Zing! Anyway, there are massages and a pool and two young ladies that Robert refers to as "the Borgata Babes". For all I know, that's their actual job description.

After the relaxation, the chefs get to meet Nicholas Kurban, VP of food and beverage (I'll just have a Coke; I'm working) and Ron Ross, the Borgata Executive Chef. Ben is excited and says so. And then he says many other things. As Andrea asks a question about Human Resources and the interview process, Robert excuses himself from the table. In a weird back hallway, Robert tells a paramedic named Colleen that he's having chest pain. Uh oh. She tells him that he has elevated blood pressure (160/100) and suggests that he go to the hospital. Meanwhile, the chefs and Borgata employees worry a little about him. He doesn't look happy about it at all, but he's loaded onto a stretcher and put in an ambulance. At first, I thought it was rude of him to walk out of the room like that, but he actually might have had the most polite heart attack ever.

Robert calls Ben from the hospital and gives him the scoop. Ben looks worried, but that might just be the Crazy Eyes. Robert has to stay overnight, and Ben assures him that everyone's worried about him. The chefs have a toast to Robert, and I think it's kind of interesting that Danny and Ben have glasses of water but Paula and Andrea are drinking wine.

Via the magic of television, the four non-sick chefs arrive back at Hell's Kitchen. They've flown a lot in the last 48 hours, to go from Los Angeles to New Jersey and back. Ben says that he hopes Robert comes back, but doesn't think he will.

Half moon. Apparently it's been 14 days since the full moon we saw earlier in the program. Which was two nights ago. Maybe they're just flying the moon at half-mast in memory of Robert.

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