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You Gotta Have Heart!

We're told that it's been "a couple of days without any word on how Robert is doing," and the chefs assemble in the dining room. Gordon Ramsay brings out "Chef Robert", who is walking but doesn't feel good. He's got pericarditis, which is something that leads to heart disease. And Robert tells Chef Ramsay sadly that he's not coming back. He hands out hugs to everyone. Chef Ramsay tells him that he's been a fantastic competitor who had the potential to win. But hand over the jacket and leave. Ramsay calls him "big boy" a few times, which is something he does when he likes you. And off Robert goes, the second chef to go out because of injuries.

Montage of Robert's greatest moments, including those two times he got screwed over by being too fat to get the full benefit of the rewards. And we see him being loofahed, which is suspiciously close to "I wash myself with a rag on a stick" territory for me.

So now it's down to four. Challenge time! Everyone is told to make their signature dish, which I guess will be different from the episode one challenge, which was exactly the same. Forty-five minutes. Go!

Ben interviews that of the four contestants, he, Paula, and Danny are the only contenders, because they don't [bleep] around in the kitchen. We see him lean past Danny for some basil, but Danny claims he needs it all. Danny is just kidding, although my family's motto is "Never too much basil," so I was prepared to believe him.

Danny interviews that he seems to come in second a lot. Paula says that her plan is to cook. Interesting!

The winner of the challenge gets immunity from elimination. Danny's first, and he has a pan-seared sea scallop with citrus basil champagne sauce and crystallized ginger. Chef Ramsay says it doesn't look great, but it tastes good. Andrea has a green tea-crusted tuna served with black sesame rice cake and pear kim chee. Pear kim chee? Ben is dismissive, because he considers it basically sushi and far too simple. Ramsay likes it. Paula has a smoked salmon ceviche, but it cooked too long. Chef Ramsay thinks it's seared, not overcooked, and that it's delicious. Ben interviews that he's awesome and serves his dish: pan-roasted tiger prawns served over mango-scented turnips and basil-crushed Yukon Gold potatoes. Chef Ramsay says that it's very pretty, but then asks why there's an empty prawn tail on the plate. Ben explains that it's just for presentation. Chef Ramsay hates that sort of nonsense and explains to Ben that given a choice between a prawn and a tail, he would prefer to have the prawn on the plate.

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