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Judging! "Ben. You're definitely not safe. Danny, Andrea, Paula, well done." The three of them interview that they would like to win. The winner is, in fact, Andrea. So she's guaranteed Final Three, and since I agree with the general consensus that Danny and Paula are the best two, that means that I hope Ben is eliminated tonight.

Cut to the dorms. Ben and Danny are smoking and Ben is complaining that with Robert gone, Andrea shouldn't have immunity. He insults her dish because it was cold, although I thought it looked pretty good. Danny agrees that Andrea would have been next to go, but now it will be one of "the three top dogs".

Before service, the top four are gathered in the kitchen for a quick yelling session. And here come the customers! With the first order, there's a lot of shouting and communication, and things seem to start okay. But Andrea's scallops get sent back for being raw. Her stove isn't on High, and when she tries to explain to Chef Ramsay that she doesn't like having it all the way up, he accuses her of slowing the team down. Which kind of makes sense. I mean, I'm no thermodynamic scientist, but I'm pretty sure things cook faster over higher heat. She interviews that the stoves are way too hot to cook over. Her replacement scallops are no good.

Now it's entrees. Ben is unable to repeat an order of two medium wellingtons, and is also slow with some hot carrot puree. And when it comes up, it's cold, which doesn't please Chef Ramsay. When the proper puree is finally provided, Chef Ramsay takes a moment to do an insulting imitation of Ben, saying "I'm good, I'm brilliant, I'm from Chicago." That's pretty good, actually.

Now it's Paula's turn. She's on the meat station and has to wait a few minutes for Andrea (on fish) to catch up. Chef Ramsay shouts at Paula for planning on waiting, telling her to bring him the meat as soon as it's ready. She interviews that she doesn't want to hang Andrea out to dry like that. Chef Ramsay tells Paula not to wait for the fish, and also tells Andrea to hurry up and turn up the burners. It's really no surprise that Gordon Ramsay thinks all burners should be on "high" all the time. It's how he lives his life! In an interview, Andrea has no words, so she resorts to an ancient Teutonic gesture to convey her feelings. Paula's tray of wellingtons is deemed "beautifully cooked, again".

An hour and a half in, Chef Ramsay asks Ben what's on. Now, Ben appears to be on garnishes, so he should know. But he says nothing, which leads Gordon to say, "Oh, my God almighty, oh come on. Three dory, two salmon, one chicken. Why is he putting the lettuce in there like that? It's not even sautéed. [Ben: "I don't know, chef."] Look at the mess on this guy." Ben is wiped out and doesn't know what he's doing. Chef Ramsay shouts at Ben for a while about how he's not good enough and eventually throws him out.

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