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"Exclusive" Extra Helping. A viewer asks Gordon Ramsay why he curses so much and if he thinks he needs anger management. "If only you knew what I had to deal with every [bleep] day, you would curse too. [bleep]." Next.

Ben washes his face and resolves to fight. He goes back into the kitchen, where he is immediately set upon by Chef Ramsay: "Hey, you, c'mere, you. What's going through your mind now? You still going to [bleep] butcher me and slice me and serve the [bleep] to them?" Unsurprisingly, that was not what Ben was planning on doing. Then Gordon calls him a donut!

A raw salmon gets sent back from the dining room, and Andrea gets shouted at for awhile. I don't even know what station Danny's on, which presumably means he's doing it well. Ben gets back in the groove and starts paying attention to what's happening. Good for him. Andrea refires two dory and Danny is sent over to help her out. Oh, he's on appetizers, which I guess means he's been doing nothing since the entrees have started. He interviews that it's annoying to have to back up the person with immunity.

Andrea has some raw dish and burnt tuna and is accused of sabotage. Gordon tells her she's [bleep], and she agrees that she is indeed [bleep].

Back from commercial, Gordon Ramsay sets the scene: "Last order, 'cause you're all so brilliant. Service, please. Stoves off. Best dinner service my ass." After the customers are gone, he tells the chefs it was embarrassing how bad the dinner service was and tells them to go upstairs and decide as a team which two of them should be nominated.

In the dorms, Ben says that Andrea would go up if she didn't have immunity. Andrea actually starts to defend herself, but everyone agrees that she had a lousy night. But given a choice between Danny, Paula, and Ben, there's a stalemate, because if none of them can nominate Andrea and none of them are willing to nominate themselves, it's a three-way tie. Ben seems to take that situation personally. Danny explains how things are and points out that it's really Andrea's call, since she's the tiebreaker.

Dining room! Gordon has apparently done the math as well, because he asks Andrea to name the nominees. First up: Ben, who had the weakest performance of the possible nominees. Second: Paula, because of her lack of communication. With a muttered "This should be quick," Gordon has Ben and Paula step forward.

Ben, why should you stay? "Because I have never given up. I have always moved forward." Hey, Ben liked Meet the Robinsons too! Paula? "I feel like this whole competition, I've been a solid performer --" and that's where she gets cut off and told to get back in line. And Andrea is told to step forward, because Gordon Ramsay doesn't care about rules, even rules he made up.

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