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Jay is fuming about being fifth and Jason is being sympathetic while also reminding him he only got fifth. Everyone complains endlessly about cleaning the dining room, because people on reality shows are appalled at the idea of cleaning up after themselves. Ben, it turns out, is not really getting a spa treatment; he's just getting a haircut in the context of the Epicurious photo shoot. He's a little whiny about getting his eyebrows tweezed. We are led to believe that JP is incredibly annoying, but all he's doing is saying things like "polish the wood next." Jay and Holli are joking about sex, but it's not clear that Jay is joking. Ben's still a little weird-looking, but the haircut has helped.

Ben returns and wisely doesn't talk to the losers about how great he is. They mostly praise his makeover. The next day, Ben's winning dish is on the menu and has bumped something involving lobster. He tries to show everyone how to make his dish and it immediately becomes clear that it was more complicated than most of the dishes they make on this show. Everyone's complaining about it, but it seems to me that only one of them will actually have to make it. And it would only be fair for that person to be Ben, right?

Before the dinner service, Chef Ramsay tells everyone that he's going to be looking for a leader. And they're also going to have a VIP guest at the chef's table. Ben assures us that he is confident, but not cocky. And he doesn't badmouth anyone else, which is a nice change from the usual pattern of interviews on this show.

The first order comes in and everyone forgets to shout "Yes, Chef!" Ed's on fish and starts with raw John Dory. I love when Chef Ramsay shouts "Stop panicking!" at people. Jason has some pasta with insufficient seasoning and then doesn't answer when Chef Ramsay asks how long it will be. This draws another rant about the importance of communication. Look, I may not be able to cook, but I assure you I can make the kind of noise that Chef Ramsay wants to hear in a kitchen.

We're already on entrees! And Autumn, who is on desserts, is trying to help out, but Benjamin isn't letting her know what needs to be done. And there are so few chefs left that Chef Ramsay knows everything that's going on, so he correctly calls out Ben for not communicating to Autumn where she should be assisting people. As soon as Chef Ramsay turns away, Holli asks Ben if he needs anything, and he just mutters, "Get out of my [bleep] way." And Ben screws up a couple of orders, then trips and goes flying. He's back up immediately, assuring everyone that he's fine, but Chef Ramsay offers the rarely-heard suggestion that he slow down a little. Autumn is smirking, and I think she can be forgiven for a bit of a smirk.

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