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Back in Black

Well, it was a nice couple of weeks. The Olympic break had almost convinced me that I'd just imagined these awful people who make up the contestant ranks of Hell's Kitchen, but they're all too real. So instead of "Swifter, Higher, Stronger," we're back to "Dumber, Angrier, Shoutier."

Well, at least the Black jackets have been handed out. No more Crips versus Bloods, so there's that. And thank god for the title sequence, given I may have blissfully forgotten everyone's names.

At any rate, we're down to six black-clad jackets. The survivors are all ready to party, and that's before they see the nice carving knife awaiting each of them back in the dorms. It's really only a matter of time before one of those gets used on a person instead of a roast. The mood is so jovial right now, though, that Robyn and Dana are dancing together in front of a mirror instead of stabbing each other to death, so enjoy that while it lasts.

The next day, Ramsay has invited two chefs, Ludo Lefebvre of Ludobites, and Quinn Hatfield of Hatfield's (not Quinnbites? Too bad), for the challenge. The three chefs (including Ramsay) have prepared "a great take on a modern classic," according to Ramsay.

Ludo's got a caprese salad made of red bell peppers and a feta cheese mousse. The contestants bomb out trying to guess the ingredients after they taste it and don't get anything right. Quinn's got a seafood pasta made with salsify instead of pasta, with salsify being something I needed the closed-captioning to be able to identify. Unlike the contestants, I'm not supposedly a talented chef vying for a head chef job at one of Ramsay's restaurants.

Then Ramsay reveals that the first two dishes were warm-ups, and that they're really doing a Taste It, Then Make It challenge. Well, their tasting is terrible, so I've got high hopes for this challenge. Ramsay pairs Dana with Clemenza, Justin with Barbie and Christina with Robyn. The pair that comes the closest will win the challenge.

They're trying to recreate a Ramsay signature dish, which they plow into (Clemenza needs to be admonished for hogging the whole thing).

All three teams decide it's veal, and two of them think it's wrapped in Serrano ham, although Dana and Clemenza think it's prosciutto. Dana says she eats half a pound of prosciutto a day (?!) and Clemenza is Clemenza, so if they're wrong about it, they deserve to lose. As usual, she is shouting all of this at us.

As for the puree, all of them decide it's a white bean puree, but Dana and Clemenza season theirs with horseradish instead of smoked bacon like the other teams do.

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