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Back in Black

Back at Hell's Kitchen, the ironing boards have come out. "Is my mother here?" says Justin. Probably not something a grown man should say in relation to basic household duties, unless he wants to look like a lazy arsehole. "Your mother is not here, so you will be doing it," says James. "I don't iron," says Justin. He feels that it's DEGRADING to iron. Which, if you'll excuse me, means that this guy has no problem with degrading his mom to do such a job, but he won't do it himself. So basically fuck Justin, who goes off to polish the aquarium, so James brings him some of his own shirts as well as chef's jackets to iron, and Justin now appears to be worried that ironing another man's shirts will turn him gay.

Anyway, Dana and Clemenza return, taunt Justin for ironing (and also now being James's gay boyfriend) and then when all six chefs are dressed in their black jackets, Ramsay assembles them by the bar to pep them up for the first time they work as a single time, and to warn them they're competing against someone else. He draws their attention to the balcony...

...And when we come back from commercial (and get the last couple minutes rehashed), Ramsay explains that they're all previous contestants who not only earned a black jacket but were all runners-up. So the last losers of their respective seasons, then. There's Season 8's Russell. Christina knows him as a "[bleeping] ass." I don't remember him at all, so I guess I didn't watch/recap that season? She hopes he goes down harder than anyone, and also appears to hope he dies in a fire, like, literally.

Then there's the blue-haired Jay from Season 7, who wanted to a) win the competition and b) sleep with eventual winner Holli, so he's a loser on a couple of fronts here. Ramsay's really breaking out the All-Class All-Stars, isn't he? Dana shouts at us that she doesn't like Jay, and her chief complaint seems to be that his blue hair doesn't look good. However, she doesn't hope he burn to death, so there's that.

Season 6 runner-up Kevin is the self-described "cripple" who no one else can keep up with. Clemenza calls him a force to be reckoned with, and says they'll have to step up their game. Next up is Season 5's Paula. Robyn is all, "Good to see you, Paula!" all suck-uppy because she wants Paula to give her a job if things don't work out in Hell's Kitchen.

From Hell's Kitchen 3: Bonnie, and we're going so far back that these might as well be the old newsreels that they used to show in movie theatres during the war, like you half-expect to see clips of Bonnie dancing the Charleston.

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