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From Hell's Kitchen 2: Virginia, with a palate that you can't buy. And am I nuts or do the contestants get progressively better-looking the farther back we go? Like maybe in early seasons of Hell's Kitchen the priority was competent chefs who looked good for television, instead of people who will scream at each other at the slightest provocation?

Ramsay starts in with how everyone better be on the top of their game, and Russell immediately starts running his mouth about whipping their asses and how someone's going home, and the best a very peeved Justin can muster in response is basically, "Yeah, YOU are."

As is usually the case, Team Runner-Up is full of people who think that beating the Top 6 means some form of redemption. Or, as Bonnie puts it, "Nobody wants to be the No. 2." I don't think she meant "No. 2" as "shit," but that's how I choose to understand her.

Meanwhile, Team Top Six is choosing the "You had your time!" narrative and start bigging-up each other while they prep for that night's service, and they kick things off with a cheer of "Let's kick some runner-up ass!"

Kevin compares getting back into Hell's Kitchen to riding a bike, and Team Runner-Up starts off strong with some perfect scallops to launch their appetizer service, so there's pressure on Robyn, on cold apps, to deliver good Caesar salads, but she doesn't put enough dressing on them and Ramsay sends them back. Not a perfect start but hardly an unconquerable setback, either. Christina's mad at the misstep, and it does seem to have been Ramsay into a bit of a grouchy mood too.

Fortunately, Team Runner-Up is making him happy. "I've never seen food this immaculate leave the Red kitchen," he says. Team Runner-Up can also hear Ramsay yelling at the Team Top Six, because Robyn has got Clemenza making a spaghetti and lobster that, crucially, HASN'T EVEN BEEN ORDERED. "Big man out of control," yells Ramsay. "How can both of you be doing something that's not on the fucking order!" He screams at them to focus.

An hour into dinner service, though, and both teams are steadily sending out apps. Ones that people actually ordered and everything! Then they make it to the entrees, with Barbie leading the charge. Team Runner-Up is also moving on, with Jay on fish, but he's peppered one of the bass he's sent out. Plus, he's sweating like Patrick Ewing, which is always attractive in a kitchen. Kevin jumps in to help out, and saves the fish.

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