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Team Top Six's first entrée order is beautiful, says Ramsay, but then they hit a snag when Dana finds herself slammed by the fish orders. Ramsay yells at her to get Clemenza and Robyn to help her. She doesn't think either of them has the skills or finesse the rest of them do, fears that are borne out when Clemenza screws up the scallops and Ramsay tears Dana a new one over it.

So while Robyn gets a crack at the scallops, but Team Runner-Up has jelled and is churning out the orders like an assembly line, so I guess we've got to look elsewhere for drama? Russell is calling all the women "sweetheart," and someone joshingly gets on his case about it, but he explains that he's from the South and is therefore a gentleman, and if you don't like it, [bleep-bleep] [mimes shooting a gun]. Glad we got that "gentleman" question settled!

So with even that non-story storyline petering out, we go back to Team Top Six, where Robyn has seasoned the scallops beyond edibility. Robyn seems to think that because she was making the scallops for Dana, that it's Dana's fault, spinning some bullshit about how she just left them because Dana likes to finish them off or whatever. Obviously it's nonsense, but Robyn seems to believe her own nonsense. "That's my fault?" she asks, about the scallops she dried out and overcooked because she seasoned them too soon. Robyn gets a little too mouthy with Ramsay, to his great non-amusement, and he threatens to throw her across the kitchen. Then he roars at her for smirking, and she says there are too many people there and she's trying to help out. Ramsay couldn't agree more, and yells for Dana to come with him, and leads her out of the kitchen. We go to commercial, but come on, he'd just throw Dana out if he were going to, so nice try on the cliffhanger.

Outside the kitchen, he yells at her to find a voice on her station and that if anyone is touching something on her station, she's got to command it. He's right, and she accepts it, and they head back into the kitchen. Despite just screwing things up, Robyn STILL has the nerve to give Dana the stinkeye when Dana overrides her on a scallop order to go with spaghetti. So fish gets back on track, and both teams finish dinner service solidly.

But there's not much way to spin the performance as anything other than a victory for Team Runner-Up, so they can now stop living in shame, I guess. Still, Ramsay says Team Top Six didn't do badly, considering it was their first time as a unit. But there were still careless mistakes, he points out, which was frustrating because if not for that they would have been toe-to-toe with Team Runner-Up.

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