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Listen All Y'all, It's a Sabotage!

Blue Team gets their chicken out as well, so it's time to move on to Wellingtons, with Elise in charge for Red. She doesn't want any help with the Wellingtons themselves (because she doesn't trust either of them) and gets Jennifer to help with the sides and Elizabeth to heat up the sauce.

Tommy's supposed to lead on the lamb Wellingtons, but he's doing his frog in a flashlight routine, and after a barking from Ramsay, Tommy rattles off his orders to his teammates and the Wellingtons turn out perfectly. "You're outdoing yourself," Ramsay tells Tommy as they go out.

In Red, Elizabeth puts dollops of -- what is that, mashed potato? -- on the plates, but Ramsay tastes it and angrily declares it not salty enough. He takes Elise aside to ask her why she's doing this to him on such an important night -- I've yet to see him shrug and say, "Actually, it's OK she's doing it on this night, which is no big deal" -- and not it's Elise's turn to accuse her teammates of sabotage. Jennifer's not so fond of a sabotage accusation when she's the target. But the Wellingtons get out and all's well.

It's on to dessert, which is tat alloway? I'm not sure what is said here. It involves apples, some kind of candied fritter thing? Will sends his out like a boss, but it's a different story for the Red Team, where Ramsay examines Jennifer's dish and discovers the apples (cooked by Elise) are raw. "This fucking bitch will do anything to get rid of [bleep] me," Jennifer tells us. I put that last bleep in because I'm not sure what the word was that got bleeped. [Not a good night for sound in Hell's Kitchen this evening. Who's Ramsay going to berate for that? - RS]

In the kitchen, Jennifer's had it. She tells Elise that this is payback for the mashed potatoes, and that she's done keeping her mouth shut (like she did the other night where she exploded all "shut the fuck up!" at Elise). "The war is on," Jennifer says, and Elise does her best to look surprised/outraged. Elise can't believe someone would blame someone else (when she's not the one doing the blaming, I guess). "She's going to regret not making a friend in me," Elise tells us.

After the guests have left, Ramsay congratulates the Blue Team for getting their shit together, unlike the loose shit of the Red Team, despite their strong start. "Everything came crashing down on the capellini, Jennifer," he says. She's near tears again as she accuses Elise of sabotage, and Elise starts shouting back about how she's more of a leader than the two of them put together. Elizabeth wisely keeps her mouth shut and lets the two of them devour each other.

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