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It's down to Elizabeth and Elise. Elizabeth interrupts Ramsay's mood-setting to pre-emptively plead to stay, starting to cry. He tells the two of them to take off their jackets, and then gets Elizabeth to step forward where he tells her she's got a big future but she's not ready to lead the steakhouse. It's the end of the road for her, and Blue Team claps while Elizabeth walks out the HK doors. "When I stepped [sic] foot in Hell's Kitchen, I really wanted to just prove to myself that I could do this. I cooked my ass off. I tried my hardest. I think I am as good a cook as everyone else in their black jackets, but it just wasn't my time right now," she tells us.

Back in the Kitchen, Ramsay lectures Elise about the downward spiral she's in, but he does see something in her. "Take this and get back in line," he says, pulling out a black jacket for her too. She yelps and grabs it and heads back in line.

Ramsay congratulates the five survivors. "You're now one team. So get ready for the service of your lives," he says, and sends them off.

Elise, confidence fully restored, talks about how much she deserves to be in the final five, while Paul tells us that if she brings attitude, he's going to slam her to the ground. Fortunately for Elise it's not that far to fall from Paul's height. Jennifer gleefully talks about what a huge surprise it will be for the men to have to deal with Elise now.

And Ramsay makes some reference to donating Elizabeth's jacket to charity. Poor Elizabeth should consider donating her organs too, starting with her brain.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Every week Elise stays on this show he grows weaker and weaker. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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