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Times It Looked Like Gordon Ramsay Was Going to Fire Someone But Then Didn't! Surprise!: four or five

Previously: Giant crabs! Andrea and Ben both made unsatisfactory dishes, so Paula and Danny did better. Danny mumbled about the consensus of the team and then won. Ben said pomme fondant about a million times. Carol's potatoes were a complete failure. Pomme fondant pomme fondant pomme fondant. Chef Ramsay continued to hate Ben a lot, and the blue team lost. This made no difference to Chef Ramsay, who sent Carol home "in a shocking turn of events".

By the way, I was in a hot wing shack the other day and they had a restaurant trade magazine for some reason. I guess maybe they were thinking of sprucing the place up or investing in a new deep fryer. Anyway, there was an interview with Mr. Gordon Ramsay about his various business ventures. They asked him if the Hell's Kitchen winners actually got to be in charge of a restaurant and he said, essentially, "Of course not! They get a table to be in charge of if they're lucky. Then they can work their way up." Pretty much what we all assumed, then.

The chefs leave the kitchen as Chef Ramsay shakes his head in disappointment. Robert tells Ben he was only defending himself and wasn't trying to throw Ben under the bus. In an interview, Robert sings a different tune: "Ain't no friend of mine here. I don't need no friends. I will step on the back of their necks to get to the top anytime I feel it's necessary."

Full moon.

The next morning, the chefs are lined up in front of Chef Ramsay. Paula is asked who the weakest chef on the red team is, and she says it's Andrea. Well, her only choices are herself, Andrea, and Giovanni. Asked the same question about the blue team, Danny says it's Ben. Ben is reduced to a stammering, disbelieving mess in an interview. Ben and Andrea are both asked to step forward, and Danny and Robert share gleeful looks. Ben and Andrea are asked why they should stay in Hell's Kitchen. This is kind of early in the episode for an elimination, isn't it?

Ben, why should you stay? "I have so much more to give and I'm a leader. Also I'm a strong cook." Andrea? "I have leadership qualities, talent, and fight." Chef Ramsay tells both of them to take off their jackets and the Elimination Music starts up. But they're part of the final six, so everyone takes their jackets off, and everyone's on Team Black now. Ben: "Chef, you scared the [bleep] out of me, chef." Do they have to say "Chef" at the beginning and ending of every sentence like they're in the military?

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