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Chef Ramsay tells Ben he has thirty seconds to pick someone to go with them to San Francisco. He immediately picks Robert, who is pleased. Neither Ben nor Robert has ever been to San Francisco, which surprises me. I've been there a few times. That's where I picked up my extreme aversion to Cadbury Creme Eggs. Seriously, just typing the name makes me queasy. As you can imagine, this is a tough time of year for me to go into a drug store.

Chef Ramsay tells the other four chefs that it's Delivery Day, so when they hear the delivery truck's horn, they are to run outside and bring the stuff back in. Also, prep for service. Okay, break! Robert feels a little guilty about going to San Francisco instead of Danny, but not guilty enough to not go. Ben claims that he wishes everyone could go with him. Danny is a little sulky and mopes off. Paula comments, "None of you guys take losing very well." Ben interviews that he has no guilt about not taking Danny. He admits that he didn't taste Danny's dish, but didn't like the looks of it.

Ben and Danny pile onto the private jet, and this show is really eating up the fossil fuels this season what with the jets, helicopters, and Hummer limos. Robert interviews that he is thankful to Ben for bringing him, although he is careful to clarify that he is not gay. Does he do that all the time? Like, "Hey, thanks for the birthday present. I appreciate it, although I am not gay"?

A delivery truck announces its arrival with an air horn blast. I am informed that normally, the truck driver will actually get out of the cab, go inside with a manifest, and say something like "Your delivery's here." Or possibly "Will you sign this manifest?" or "Can I use the can?" In this case, though, the chefs have to stop prepping and rush out to the parking lot and carry boxes inside while the sous chefs shout at them. We see Giovanni drop a box of Aqua Panna water. Another box gives way while Giovanni's putting it down, but it looks like the bottom just gave out.

To San Francisco! Gordon, Ben, and Robert are riding a private trolley through the streets. They see Alcatraz and muse about how Giovanni is probably getting pretty fed up about now. So we cut back to the kitchen, where another delivery is ready. Giovanni has, in fact, gotten pretty fed up and announces that he is not running. Danny bounds forward with the exuberance of youth. And it appears that Giovanni is not only not running, he's not even going out to the parking lot, choosing instead to stay in the pantry and snack on something. When he finally makes it out to the truck, he snaps at Paula for asking where he's been. I'm on Paula's side here.

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