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Full moon. Second time this episode. Do they just wait until the actual night of the full moon and then get three hours of Moon Footage to sprinkle throughout the series?

The chefs are all in one kitchen doing prep. We see some naked Beef Wellingtons. The evening's recipe will also feature Ben's stuffed chicken from the challenge. Chef Ramsay lines up everyone before the service and gives them a standard Pep Threaten about being phenomenal teammates. So no peeing in the other guy's soup!

Customers are let in! It's on! The first order is in, and there's a good, solid "Yes, chef!" Giovanni opens an oven door and Chef Ramsay is immediately on top of him to stop opening and closing the door. When there's only one team, he has no one to distract him! Robert's scallops are overcooked, because they're too small. Chef Ramsay catches Andrea putting potatoes in a cold pan in an attempt to get ahead of things, and then yells at her for throwing them away.

Paula's Caesar salads and risotto pass muster. Good for her! But now Giovanni's got some of the stuffed chicken and it's undercooked. That's rough for him, because he can't open the door to check on them or he'll get yelled at again. Chef Ramsay shouts at Giovanni for a while then calls out another order: "On order. Six covers, table twenty. Entree: Two wellingtons, two chickens, one lamb, one dory. Wellington medium, Yes?". He asks Andrea to call the order back to him, and she doesn't answer. Ooh, he hates that. Finally, she admits that she doesn't know what's going. Robert explains in an interview: "On garnish, you gotta be thirty seconds before everyone else. If she's not checking the tickets for us, we're screwed." Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks, Robert!

Chef Ramsay despairs and asks Giovanni to tell Andrea what's on order. He tries: "Two wellingtons, one medium, one medium rare. Lamb medium. Um. I'm sorry. Lamb medium rare..." Giovanni trails off as the whole kitchen starts shouting random orders. I think most of them are correct, but they all start at different times and it's fairly cacophonous. Chef Ramsay looks disgusted as he repeats the order: "Two wellingtons, two chicken, one lamb, one [bleep] dory. One wellington's medium, the rest is [bleep] normal." He sounds a little like Christian Bale here. Not the Growly Batman Christian Bale or the Awkward Velvet Goldmine Christian Bale, but the Very Angry Caught On Tape Christian Bale. Incidentally, note that "Normal" is not "Medium". I think that's neat. Then he asks Andrea what's going and she says "I have no idea, chef." What?

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