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Chef Ramsay tells her to [bleep] off and points her out of the kitchen into the dining room. He makes her use the front door, in front of all the customers. Andrea mutters, "Get that [bleep] camera out of my face." Well, you can see why she would.

Extra Exclusive Helping: If Gordon Ramsay were on death row, what would he have? Well, first he would like to make it clear that he's not going to go to jail. But his answer is that he wants his mum's Mac and Cheese. So there you go. You won't get this kind of inside information on the Internet! Well, except here, I guess.

We come back from commercial and there are some repeated [bleep]s. JP gives Andrea a little pep talk, telling her that Gordon wants her to fight back. She looks pretty wiped out. She goes back in and Chef Ramsay asks her again what's on. She says, "Two chicken, two lamb, one wellington, one dory," which isn't actually correct, but Gordon doesn't seem to notice.

Now it's Robert's turn. He's got bacon on the same pan as the john dory, but it goes with the scallops. Chef Ramsay claims that someone might be allergic to bacon, which sounds like a terrible way to live. Robert admits that Chef Ramsay is right ("Of course I'm [bleep] right!" is the obvious answer) and starts over.

We're still waiting for the first entree to leave the kitchen. Giovanni's chicken doesn't look right, and Chef Ramsay tells Ben to have a word with him. Gordon: "Take all the garnish back. Do whatever you wish with it." Like what? Distribute it to the poor? Make a small model of Devil's Tower? Chef Ramsay announces that "the special is not very special. Thanks to [bleep]-face there. Hurry up, Giovanni!" Giovanni: "Yeah. But I'm not a [bleep]-face, chef!"

Shock! Horror! The music freaks out! Someone has spoken back to Chef Ramsay! Ramsay asks if Giovanni is pissed, and then insists that he, Chef Ramsay, is far more pissed. He gets in Giovanni's face and shouts at him. He shrieks "Donkey!" at him, which implies that Gordon Ramsay thinks "Donkey!" is more extreme than "[bleep]-face." Giovanni keeps his cool pretty well here, while Chef Ramsay shouts at him an inch from his face. He just says "Yes, chef" or "No, chef" and eventually Chef Ramsay lets him go back to his station.

Chef Ramsay sends Ben to work on the meat station with Giovanni. Giovanni takes the beef wellingtons while Ben will be doing the chicken special. That he invented. But Chef Ramsay immediately catches Ben reslicing the chicken, which Ben says is because the chicken wasn't completely cooked. This, says Chef Ramsay, will make the chicken dry. And it's Ben's turn in the barrel. The camera gets a good shot of what Ramsay is talking about as the delicious chicken juices drip onto the counter.

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