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The Incompetence! It Burns!

Later, Giovanni is late with some entrees, which causes Andrea to have garnishes ready early, and Chef Ramsay shouts at all of them for having poor communication. He's correct. Danny and Paula, meanwhile, are out of the line of fire as they've been for pretty much the whole series. Just sayin'. Anyway, Giovanni is stammering a lot and causing Robert to have to start his john dory over several times. Finally, Chef Ramsay calls over Andrea, Robert, and Giovanni for some individualized abuse. They're sent back to work as a team, and almost immediately Giovanni burns Robert's hand with a hot pan.

Robert goes off to see the medic and we're told it's a second-degree burn to his fingertips. It seems that Giovanni put a 500-degree sheet pan in the refrigerator. What? Who would do that? Why? Giovanni says he was trying to cool it down. Robert comes back to the kitchen and doesn't answer Giovanni's apology. And now various pans are catching fire and Chef Ramsay walks out of the kitchen muttering "[bleep] off, the lot of you."

Crescent moon. What? Crescent moon? Oh, so that's how it's going to be, is it? Night one: full. Night two: full. Night three: crescent. Sure, why not?

After the dinner service, the chefs are lined up in front of Chef Ramsay, who declares that he is not happy. Andrea, Robert, and Giovanni get special abuse. Paula gets praise for being "solid and consistent", so she's to pick out two for elimination. On the way to the dorms, Giovanni apologizes to Robert again. But Robert is still angry about having a "sizzle plate" in the refrigerator. Paula lectures the team about how bad they were.

Back to the dining room. Paula's first nominee is Giovanni for tonight's performance and not being a solid force in challenges. The second nominee is Andrea for struggling with communication. That's fair. Andrea, why should you stay? "I've given everything I've had." Really? Giovanni, how about you? "I'm much better than what I've shown." Well, I hope so.

Chef Ramsay takes a moment to remind Robert that he also did very poorly. And the person who's leaving is... Giovanni. He apologizes again to Robert for burning him, and then voiceovers about his experiences. And then he leaves.

Andrea turns to rejoin the team, but Chef Ramsay stops her. Then he tells her to "[bleep] off back in line," which is what she was doing anyway. So we're down to the top five, and many of them still stink. Ben interviews that he's close to winning.

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