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The Incompetence! It Burns!

It's still a crescent moon. And at 2:14 am, Gordon Ramsay calls the dorms and insists that everyone get down to the dining room immediately. Ramsay claims that he's been in his office for the last hour. Sure he has. Anyway, you were saying? "It just doesn't. Make. Sense. How can the final six be so [bleep]?" Well, my theory is that they were chosen on the basis of dysfunctional personality traits and photogenic cheekbones instead of actual cooking skill. But Ramsay is going to do something he's never done before: he's shutting down Hell's Kitchen.

Next week: the doors might open again if the chefs can prove themselves. And there are ambulances! The most unpredictable Hell's Kitchen ever! Which isn't saying much!

Monty has a blog devoted to Movie Novelizations, cleverly entitled Monty on Movie Novelizations. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

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