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The Lettuce-Burning Incident
et much opportunity to see who kicks ass in the other kitchen.

Ah. But the actual dish they'll be trying to replicate is not the beef. Which makes sense, because they actually got to see that dish get made. Instead, it's something which we're told has "fish, garnish, puree, and sauce". There's only one sample dish, and people fall upon it immediately. Dave grabs a piece of each ingredient so he can do an autopsy, which is exactly what Gordon does on Kitchen Nightmares. He never just eats a dish; he dissects it and examines each element before putting it in his mouth.

Ariel and Van aren't sure what kind of fish is involved, but Van (the professional Fish Cook) thinks it might possibly be sea bass. Kevin decides that it's turbot, based on his Cape Cod upbringing. Dave and Suzanne are conferring, and Suzanne decides it's not halibut but turbot. Finally, everyone settles on turbot. Which is correct!

Garbish time. Everyone says it's calamari. The puree is probably parsnips, says Dave, Suzanne, and Kevin. Tennille tells us (in her usual shout) that she doesn't even know what a parsnip is. Look, it isn't that hard: just don't admit ignorance in front of the cameras. You think Gordon Ramsay is going to hire someone who can't identify a parsnip? Ariel convinces Van to go with celery root.

Now it's time to work on the sauce. Dave knows they're missing a sweet citrussy flavor, and is very confident once he cuts open a passion fruit. Ariel and Van have Star Fruit there, and Kevin and Tennille have grapefruit. So that's the ingredient identification phase. Now it's time to actually cook the thing. And with about forty seconds to go, Van drops his fish on the floor and has to start over. Doom!

Now, the judging. Van and Ariel's dish looks almost exactly like Chef Ramsay's. Other than that, we don't learn much while Chef Ramsay tastes it. It turns out the puree was white onion. Kevin and Tennille forgot to put the calamari into the dish. Oops! It's down to the fruit choice between Van/Ariel and Dave/Suzanne. And the winner is Dave and Suzanne. In a very telling moment, after Chef Ramsay announces that the fruit was passion fruit, Suzanne smugly mutters "Yes it was." Dave tries to whisper "Shhhh!" (which isn't that easy, because every "Shhhh!" sounds like a whisper) and Suzanne just rocks back on her heels and repeats "Yes it was." That's why people don't like you, Suzanne.

The reward for Dave and Suzanne is to go to Gordon's Los Angeles restaurant and meet Christine, the season four winner. The four losers are in charge of prep and also decorating the dining room for "Couples Night". There will be a truck full of roses and champagne. Van interviews that Dave hates Suzanne but that they're going on a date. Then he adds that they are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I assume he then giggles to himself about how unutterably clever he thinks he is. Shut it, Van.

Suzanne and Dave take a limo to their prize and use the time to chat with Gordon Ramsay. Meanwhile, Tennille is a big, pouty jerk about having to do her punishment. That's boring, so let's go to the reward. The kitchen is enormous. Suzanne's first question for Christine is "Were you the know-it-all on your season?" Yes, she was. Suzanne's primary recommendation is that they keep an eye out for wacky twists that Ramsay might throw at them. Good advice. Also, learn to cook a damn scallop.

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