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The Most Dramatic Episode of the Year

Welcome back! What did you do between episodes? I just sat here on the couch for a minute.

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 24
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 36
Guest Judges' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter:1

Autumn is overwhelmed with emotion to still be in the competition, and her team is pleased to have her around. Even Benjamin is happy, since Autumn is better than Fran. Holli calls Fran a [bleep], and I guess it's up to us to decide how offensive she's being.

Roll call. Gordon has enormous lobsters. Ten pounds! Look at those horrifying sea monsters! He names them Salvatore and Siobhan and hands them off to Jason and Nilka. The challenge, logically enough, is for each team to do lobster. They have to split up the meat among the team members and then everybody makes a dish. Well, there should be plenty of meat in there. Jason explains to us that he's about to surprise Jay and Ed, who he feels have been underestimating him. On the red side, Nilka and Benjamin both want the tail. Everyone wants the tail. It's yummy! They compromise, which means that Benjamin rips all the meat out of the tail and gives Nilka a small piece. She had been planning to leave the meat attached, but now she can't. That might be good for her, because I happen to know that Gordon Ramsay doesn't like having things on his plate that aren't food.

Everything gets plated at the very last second, if you're the sort of person who believes the things they put on the screen in a reality show. Because the red team has one more chef, they're told to decide whose is the weakest. And this time, they have the sense to taste the food before deciding. It's Nilka's, which she describes as "a potato puree with some lobster on it." Gordon says it sounds disgusting. Then he brings in three chefs with at least one Michelin star to do the judging. Gordon Ramsay is obsessed with Michelin stars.

Holli's butter-poached lobster is good. Ed has poached-then-grilled lobster tail medallions, which are slightly rubbery. Holli wins, so it's 1-0 red team.

Jason's dish uses the entire lobster tail, and it's a little intimidating. He describes it as a "family-style appetizer" and gets the very high praise of "surprisingly, it's not too bad." Autumn has a stir-fry, which is apparently not refined enough. Jason wins, so it's 1-1.

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