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Benjamin has a poached lobster tail and gets his presentation criticized. Jay's looks great. In fact, it's the only dish this season that looks like something you'd see on Top Chef. It's a lobster knuckle and a cup of cappucino. It's an interesting idea, but apparently the lobster's raw. He decides that neither one gets a point, so guess what? It's still a tie! And this time, Gordon decides that the tiebreaker goes to the person with the best dish overall. In previous rounds, he's given the tiebreaker point to "the loser with the best dish" and "whether or not the team correctly chose which dish to not bring up." He's capricious! This time, Holli wins it for her team.

The red team's reward is to go to a caviar house and then get a thousand-dollar shopping spree. Autumn is a little giddy about the way she keeps switching to the winning side. The blue team's punishment is to clean the dorms and prep both kitchens. I feel like we've seen this one already this season, but I'm not going to check.

Jay is shocked that he didn't get a point and brags about how great his presentation was. Shut it, loser. The red team loads into a limo and shrieks about how excited they are. The blue team cleans the dorms, and I don't feel that bad for them being forced to clean up after themselves. How do you think those toilets got so gross in the first place?

It is not particularly exciting to watch people eat caviar. Especially since we learned last episode that these people don't have particularly exciting palates. Holli talks a lot about how caviar is an aphrodisiac, although she admits that it's probably just that she's excited about being out of the kitchen. Nilka thinks she'll probably stick with cheeseburgers and fries.

Prep time! Sous Chef Scott has instituted a new rule: the blue team has to prep the other team's kitchen completely before they're allowed to start on their own. I like that rule. It keeps them from shorting the enemy's supplies. Meanwhile, the red team shops for stuff. Mostly girly stuff, which means that Benjamin has to settle for a string of pearls for his girlfriend. Or it might have been wife. You get the idea, anyway.

The red team gets back and starts helping out on prep. With 15 minutes to go, the blue team doesn't have any prep done. Then Chef Ramsay shows up to interrupt them. He has news: everyone's cooking in the red kitchen. Does that mean they're all one team? And supposedly all the night's customers are going to the theatre after the dinner. So that puts a hard limit of two and a half hours on the evening. And Holli will be serving caviar tableside right before the appetizers, which will help somehow.

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