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We are not told what show, if any, the crowd is going to. The two teams are still in red and blue. Nilka's got some raw scallops on the first table and Chef Ramsay threatens to ride her all night. Save it for the XXX parody, pal. Autumn gets backed up a little by Nilka, but recovers. Nilka then has some raw turbot. He hands it to her, and rather than put it back in the pan, she drops it.

An hour in, entrees are having trouble. Nilka drops some lobster taking it out of the oven, and Chef Ramsay shouts at her about not giving up and urgently needing lobster. And she's got the wrong sauce, which means she gets a private pantry-berating from Chef Ramsay. He orders her to get a grip, which is reasonable. When she's out in the kitchen again, everyone tries to calm her down. Even Jay, who is on the opposing team!

It's time for some non-Nilka action. Ed burns some asparagus. Then his station catches fire.

Out in the kitchen, a big guy in a tuxedo demands food. Better get a bucket. In the kitchen, Chef Ramsay makes Jason do more talking. Holli's still out there on the tableside action, chatting with the customers about caviar. Jay tries to get Nilka to tell him when her turbot will be ready, and she starts to shut down again. Chef Ramsay seems almost reluctant to harass her about her raw lobster, but he does. He throws her out of the kitchen and follows her out through the back. He tells her to take her jacket off and she begs him not to say that. I hope he follows her all the way, because I don't think I've ever seen Gordon in the dorms.

There's a great shot where we can see how close the "patio" is to the kitchen. It's maybe 20 feet down a corridor! Okay, anyway, Nilka walks along darkened corridors. Then she walks back into the kitchen and begs to still cook. Chef Ramsay tells her to leave, and she stand right next to him shouting "Please! Please!" Chef Ramsay again tells her to leave, and she just shouts "I wanna cook!" This isn't helping, Nilka. She claims that she gave her whole life for this. No you didn't. You gave your whole life for cooking. Not Hell's Kitchen.

The remaining chefs get their last dishes out with time to spare. The customers go off to the "theatre." Nilka packs her stuff and walks out a back door. And Gordon Ramsay is there, waiting next to a taxi. Incidentally, the door is labeled "Hell's Kitchen Deliveries", even though they always try to pretend that the deliveries come in the front door when the chefs have to bring them in. Also, this is clearly not really the loading dock. Why would the deliveries come to a door that's up some stairs?

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