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Sorry. I get distracted with the unreality sometimes. Gordon tells Nilka to walk out of there with her head held high, because although she's not ready for the Head Chef's job, she's done very well. That's nice of him. Then he makes her hand over the jacket. There's a truck next to them that might be full of the video crew.

The remaining chefs line up in the kitchen, and Chef Ramsay congratulates them on their best service. He sends them up to the dorms (or over to the patio) to pick two people to nominate for elimination. Jason suggests Ed and Autumn, and Ed objects on the grounds that he fought back and gave 110%. I'd vote him out for saying 110%. Autumn says Jason and Ed. Jason is shocked and appalled at the suggestion that he had even one ticket drag. I don't see how it matters, since Nilka already left.

Dining room. Benjamin nominates Ed for slightly slowing down service. The second nominee is Autumn (Gordon: "Not again") for being the weakest overall cook. Ed, why should you stay? "I keep battling back, like you said." Gordon complains about Ed letting his pans burn dry. Autumn, why should you stay? "Tonight, I did a good job." Gordon has Ed take his jacket off, then gives him the black jacket for being in the final six. No one's going home. Gordon calls everyone by crazy nicknames, and no one's sure who "Mr. Happy Face" is.

So this is your top six, Savoy. Are you excited?

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