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As Brain mopes out to the lobby, James the Maitre'd stops him and tells him that Chef Ramsay wants someone who will fight. So Brian turns around and goes back into the kitchen. Naturally, this results in Chef Ramsay asking him what he's doing there. "I'm not done!" shouts Brian, which is nearly the correct answer, except that you're not allowed to shout at Chef Ramsay either. Brian admits that the fish tasted [BLEEP]y, and vows that it won't happen again. He is not making friends here.

Kimmie has another couple of catfish, but some oil spatters her in the face. Yikes! She gets the fish up to the pass, and it is acceptable.

Back to the blue team, still working on their first table. Supposedly. Brian tells us that he doesn't make the same mistake twice. Unfortunately, the chicken for that table is raw. That's Robyn's fault. Chef Ramsay is starting to despair. And even though it wasn't his fault, Chef Ramsay leans on Brian: "Hey, comedian. Crack a [BLEEP] joke now. I [BLEEP] dare you." Brian says he has nothing amusing to say. Clemenza needs two minutes to do this garnish for the third time.

On the red team, everyone sounds kind of surprised that they're all ready to go to the pass. But some of the garnish is lacking salt. Kimmie shouts at us about how much she hates Barbie. They're still on the second ticket.

Robyn brings up more chicken for the blue team. It's raw again. She's really going out of her way to take Brian off the hook. Chef Ramsay throws the blue team out of the kitchen. Robyn asks him to just throw her out, but it doesn't go well. Chef Ramsay: "Listen. Don't you [BLEEP] dare tell me what to do." Out they go. He does shout "Get out!" as they leave, but I still think he's sincere about that. Up in the dorm, there is finger-pointing.

So. The red kitchen. Chicken, catfish, and garnish all go up to the pass at once. Chef Ramsay tells them to stop. He claims he could just cry. The catfish is raw. And burnt. At once! The red team is also thrown out of the kitchen. If the show isn't lying to me, the red team and blue team combined got through one entree. And that's why you eat before you go to Hell's Kitchen.

Up to the dorms. Brian's surprised to see the red team up there. Kimmie's beating herself up, and Clemenza gives her a hug. Sous Chef Scott comes up to drag everyone back down to the kitchen. Chef Ramsay stops them in the pantry, which I'm delighted by. Because we hardly ever get to see it! He tells them that he and the Sous Chefs will be finishing the service themselves. He wants one person from each team for elimination. And he hopes everyone feels like [BLEEP]. Most of them do!

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