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Southern Discomfort

On the blue team, it's between Brian and Robyn. Robyn admits that she sent up raw chicken, but Brian's the one who got kicked out of the kitchen. Well, technically you all got kicked out, but she's got a point.

Red team. Christina wants to vote for Kimmie because the catfish was the problem. Kimmie claims again that Barbie slacks off all the time and brings them down. Oh, did she make you screw up the catfish over and over again? Dana mopes about how she could vote for who she wants on her team, but if she votes for Barbie there's a deadlock.

Down to the dining room. Gordon tells them that it "all went south," which is probably the reason they went with southern cuisine in the first place. Dana has the red team's nominee, and it's Kimmie because of all the fish problems. Sure. Justin has the blue team's nominee, and it's Robyn because of all the raw chicken. Also logical. Robyn, why should you stay? "I'm not ready to go!" She claims the chicken [BLEEP]ed her, and Gordon explains that she [BLEEP]ed the chicken. Okay, Kimmie, what happened? "I lost control of it." But it's her first nomination, and she thinks she's better than Robyn. And she has more passion, drive, and fight-back, none of which matter. Robyn's whole argument is "I'm not ready to leave Hell's Kitchen, chef. I'm not!"

Gordon: "The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...[long pause]...Robyn." Robyn starts to take off her jacket. But he's not done! "Back in line. Kimmie. Gimme your jacket." He's not even trying to make these swerves make grammatical sense. He tells Kimmie that she has a big heart and lots of passion, but that she's not ready for Gordon Ramsay Steak. She thinks Barbie should have gone home because she's been up so many times. Yeah, whatever.

Everyone claims they're ready to fight back. Next week: The most somethingest something ever!

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