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Fifty Shades of Risotto

But Blue's disintegrating, and their diners are starting to walk out. Don't go! You're going to pass up these overcooked Wellingtons! Ramsay, who has taken to calling Brian "Comedian" (which I approve of), calls reinforcements in to the Blue meat station in the form of Barbie, who comes over to teach Brian a lesson in humility (and Wellington doneness). "I'm fucking furious. You've gotta be kidding me," says Brian. He feels like a "castrated dog," he says. Barbie relishes the chance to take over, and yells at Brian that he can't put that much meat in one prep. Brian bites his tongue, but he's visibly frustrated at being demoted. And Barbie serves up perfect Wellingtons. Brian mimes hanging himself, but if he did it for real, the Blue diners might actually get to eat before midnight. It's at the point where Blue diners (those who have stayed) express surprise when their food finally arrives and toast "finally being fed."

When the service is done, Ramsay takes the black jackets over to Red kitchen, where they squeal and hop up and down. It's nice to watch people enjoying themselves instead of miserable losers.

Speaking of miserable losers, Robyn is grouching that maybe she should have stayed on Red, not realizing that had she done so, I think that would have improved Blue's odds immensely.

Ramsay comes back to Blue to lecture them (over the celebration and champagne of the black jacket-clad formerly Red team). He tells them to think of which two don't deserve a black jacket. And he can think of four easily, he says. But there are only four people on the team -- ohhhhh.

In the dorms, Robyn starts off: "Justin, you're a liar." And Robyn, you're 13 years old. Justin says things are getting ugly pretty fast, and sure enough we're right into a shouting match between Robyn and Brian, which is like Alien vs. Predator only far less enjoyable. She says she deserves a black jacket, while Justin and Brian disagree. Clemenza stays silent, but after the team votes, they've only agreed that Robyn's going up. There's a two-way tie between Clemenza and Brian for the other nomination. Given Barbie had to come in to save Brian's ass, I can't see how he's not the nomination, but clearly he doesn't want to give up that black jacket tonight.

Blue files back into the dining room. Formerly Red, now Black, are seated to the side, and someone whispers "good luck, guys" and they blow kisses. Clemenza makes the sign of the cross.

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