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Y'all just saw it -- Carrie got kicked off. Everybody sucks at cooking, except Will. At the very last moment of the elimination nightmare, Chef told Elise to take her coat off. What does it mean? He tells her that she thinks she's ready for the big time, but she's not. None of them are. All of them have to take their coats off. Hell's Kitchen is closed. As punishment, they're flying to NYC to visit BLT Steak. Wow, that shows them.

They begin by having a food tour of NYC. They start at Lombardi's Pizza, which is seriously the sickest. It's amazing. Then, they have Peking Duck in Chinatown. I need to do that. Then, they go to Zucco: Le French Diner. Never heard of it. Then, they have Greek. Then, they go to La Esquina for Mexican. It's amazing!! Jesus, this is all by noon. Then, Jamaican and Indian. They're miserable. Then, they get to BLT Steak.

They get a tour of the restaurant. Natalie can picture herself there. The chef tells Paul that the biggest challenge there is the pace. He says they do 200-250 covers a night and I would seriously like proof of that. Sorry. Also, BLT Steak has an A from the Board of Health. Congrats. Elizabeth says that she's ready to win this competition.

The chefs return to Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay says that they are going to be trying their hand at ethnic cuisine. There's a giant slot machine that will give them their ingredients. A coin will be dispensed that tells them the type of cuisine. Natalie goes first and gets pork, potatoes, green beans and kumquats. The cuisine is Jamaican. Ramsay seems mortified for her. Jennifer says she would like any protein but salmon and she would love to have Greek as her cuisine. She gets salmon. And Greek! Opa!

Will gets scallops and Italian. Elizabeth gets New York Strip, corn and Mexican. Tommy wanted Mexican. He gets chicken and carrots and he doesn't want Indian. He gets Indian. Elise gets Ahi Tuna, beans, kumquats and carrots. Elise has never seen a kumquat. They used to grow in my friend's yard. Aren't they common? Her cuisine is Chinese. I actually have faith that she might kill that. Paul gets filet, eggplant, polenta, grapefruit and kale. His cuisine is French and he and Ramsay think he hit the jackpot. They have 45 minutes to create something.

They are supposed to be creative. Elise seems really confused. Natalie starts sneezing from the Jamaican spices. Ramsay says that the winner will also win for their team. It's a King of the Hill situation with a fancy chair. Tommy is first. It doesn't look Indian. Ramsay likes it, though. Elizabeth is next. Ramsay likes hers too, more than Tommy's. She gets the throne for a moment. He thinks that Natalie over-seasoned hers, so Elizabeth is still winning. Paul overtakes her, though. Elise is next. He likes it. She takes the fancy chair. Will is next and takes the chair. Jennifer is last with her Greek food. He likes it. Jennifer wins! She hugs Will because she's a good sport.

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