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Beef Hellington

The Red Team is going to the beach. What they will do there is a surprise. The Blue Team has to prep the kitchen. The girls go to the beach and find James, the maƮtre d'. He wants them to get into a plastic ball and roll around as cooks do? They all do it and it's embarrassing, just like everything they do.

The Blue Team is prepping quietly. They all find Tommy to be really stupid and it seems that he may be. The Red Team returns and flaunts their good time. When it's time for service, Elise finds that Tommy prepped the Beef Wellingtons in a way that she thinks is wrong.

The diners arrive. Service begins and it looks like Natalie is going to get slammed for her scallops. And she does -- they're raw. She can't get those damn things right. Elizabeth, meanwhile, looks like she's dying. She looks confused. But Elise helps and everything seems to be fine. The teams seem to be even, until Elizabeth starts screwing up all of the fish during service. The poor thing falls apart. Of course, Elise thinks that she should simply pick herself up and dust herself off, as any normal Elise would do. Then, Ramsay starts having problems with the way that the Beef Wellington is coming out of the kitchen. It looks chewed and generally disgusting. He points out that when pastries are too deeply scored, they fall apart. Elise says that Tommy scored their Wellingtons and he says that she has to tell Tommy that herself.

So she does, with Ramsay present. Now awhile back, we all saw Elise complain about how Tommy didn't score the Wellingtons. And he's like, "Um, I didn't score the Wellingtons." We even see footage of him telling her that he prepped them, but didn't score them. Damn, girl just got caught. The Blue Team is on fire about it. Ramsay tells Elise that she doesn't have Carrie, Krupa or Jamie to blame now.

There are some complaints from Blue Team diners. Natalie can't stop fucking up the fish! She says that she doesn't know what's happening. Will tells her to keep trying until the last ticket is out. On the Red Team, poor Elizabeth can't cook the bass. I really feel for her. This is like Nixon during his debate with JFK and shit, and I wasn't even alive then. Ramsay of course makes it even worse and acts like they've shot their moms and want the English-speaking world to die. He demands that they leave the kitchen. Elise makes it worse by kicking over a trash can on her way out. He demands that she pick it up, which is fun to see. So, Jennifer's going to serve all of these people by herself?

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