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And Please! Make It Extra Poached!

Carol plans to cook 26 orders of potatoes ahead of time and flash them in the oven to order. She interviews that this is a great idea that will in no way blow up in her face. On the blue side, Ben is getting on Robert's nerves by repeatedly asking if he's ready. End of prep! Open the kitchen!

Customers arrive. Each customer gets a half-red, half-blue menu to order from, which seems like it could cause trouble when half the table goes one way and the other half goes the other. Both menus feature carpaccio appetizers, steak entrees, and potato garnishes with Frenchified names: Ben's pomme fondant vs. Carol's gratin dauphinois, which I believe means "Cheese that will inherit the throne of France".

The first order comes in and the red team sends out its appetizers. But a customer is not happy with the beef carpaccio: "It has absolutely no flavor. It's like eating paper." JP brings it back, presumably to have some flavor added. Giovanni interviews that he guesses he didn't season it enough. Yes, that would follow. On the blue side, Ben's soup is salty and Chef Ramsay makes all three of them taste it. Robert claims that he spit it right out, but he actually waits until he sees Chef Ramsay do it first. Chef Ramsay shouts at Ben about oversalting the soup, and Ben just says "Yes, chef!" over and over again. Well, he does mention something about how he may have overreduced the soup, but mostly he just stands there and takes it. That's probably for the best. He tries making more soup, and we cut to the dining room. Apparently, if a table is split between kitchens, some people get food and some don't. And the woman who compared her carpaccio to paper is still not happy, so she picks up her plate and carries it to the kitchen. Well, that's pretty easy in this restaurant's layout, where the kitchen is right there.

She tells Chef Ramsay the carpaccio's still bland, and he tells Giovanni to get on it. Then she continues to stand there holding out the plate and whistles for his attention, so Gordon tells her off: "Don't whistle at me, I'm not your [bleep] dog, yeah. You look more like a dog than I do. Now [bleep] off, will you." It's obviously staged, and she's smiling when she reports to her table that she was told to [bleep] off. Gordon sends out a new dish with a torrent of dog analogies.

Carol's gratin dauphinois is undercooked, and it appears to be because it wasn't cooked ahead of time. Chef Ramsay makes Carol tell JP what's going on and then accuses her of blaming Andrea. Andrea interviews that she was embarrassed for Carol, and I think that's the third time this episode that Andrea has claimed to feel embarrassment for Carol. Andrea must be really easily embarrassed. Carol tells Chef Ramsay that the potatoes will be ready in "maybe ten minutes". Ramsay piles on the sarcasm and shouts out to the dining room that the potatoes will be ready in "maybe ten minutes" and calls the diners "poor [bleep] souls." He very rarely shouts obscenities directly into the dining room like that.

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